I couldn't do it.

2/24/2010 12:29:00 AM
I couldn't stand the birds anymore. I blamed them for my blog loading so slowly.

So... off I go again, redesigning the 'ole blog.

It's late. I'm tired. I shall tweek more tomorrow.

Let me know what's looking weird on your computer. Right now the buttons on the top menu/link bar are driving me crazy... they're all in one line right now, but let me know if they end up taking up two lines on your mac or pc.



  1. Love the new format!!! So much better on these ole eyes of mine!!!

  2. whoa! crazy change. looks good so far. the top tabs are all on one line for me but my monitor is a super crazy size so I probably don't count.

  3. You poor thing... The birds were definitely taking a long time to load. I think it's a good move. Plus, you know you love tweaking. :)

    BTW: The "Contact" button at the top is wrapping to second line on my PC; my monitor is moderately big, and wider than it is tall. Sorry... :(

  4. I really like it! It's very fresh.

    The contact button wraps around on my PC too.

  5. The blog looks great! Loads much more quickly. Only problem is the contact button wrapping to the 2nd line, like others have said.

  6. Thanks, everyone!
    I like it MUCH better this way.

    Still working on the tabs. Are they staying in ONE line for all of you yet?

  7. I like it. But in all honesty I never COME to it unless I'm leaving a comment. I use Google Reader. I think a lot of people use readers so I wouldn't get to worried about it -)


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