Leave the Duggar Familia alone.

2/14/2010 09:06:00 PM
Now, you know that this here blog is pro-Duggar.
I like 'em.
I respect 'em.
I got no problems with 'em.
I understand that they're in the public eye and therefore open themselves up to criticism and conjecture...

However - you can't argue with the fact that they take care of their own.
They're respectful...
...and they seem different (duh.), but lovely.

That said, to quote one of my favorite SNL skits, "What up with dat, PETA?"

Really, you're using the Duggars in your newest bilboard campaign?

Here it is.

Huh? Are you comparing the Duggars to dogs? And are you really implying that they aren't responsible?

Dare I say Jim Bob and Michelle may possibly care just as much, if not more about their children than the average parent?

I'm going to go ahead and say that you missed the mark, PETA.

I read this on the PETA blog... did they not even realize that they were being offensive?

"This season, the Duggars have upped their clan-size from 18 to 19, and it has some arguing yay or nay about the "Duggar-style" approach to reproduction. We say, as long as Jim Bob and Michelle are able to keep a roof over their family's head and modern-modestclothes on their backs, there's a far more important reproductive issue at hand. So, we're offering to run this billboard in the Duggar's hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas, as well as in nearby Springdale and Fayetteville: (See here.)

I am ALL for spaying and neutering cats and dogs but how crass to compare dogs and cats to Jim Bob, Michelle and their school of children.

Leave the Duggar's alone. They've got a lot going on. Crappy move, PETA.


  1. Ok. Here is my problem with the Duggar family. Its (mostly) not about their lack of belief in evolution or their exploitation of said beliefs to help them live their debt free lives the way they want to. It's not the number of kids (I come from a family of 10, 8 kids. big is big is big in my opinion.) It's the reason for such a high number of children. They may love their children more than the average parent but it seems a shitty way to show it by raising them to be an army for God. Quiverful is a movement to produce enough god fearing fundemental christians that they can literally combat those with separate beliefs than theirs. I am all for having your own belief systems but exclusivity within religion is dangerous. I've always been more inclined to eastern philosphy of inclusivity that any path to enlightenment is the correct path. So as sweet as they seem, the fundemental core of that family is to be a Fundemental Corps for Christ in which this holy war can be fought. Jihad indeed. That just isn't defendable in my opinion. Sorry for the rant.

  2. hm, Mr. the Grumbles! funny meeting you here!

    i think the duggars are nice people, they love their kids, take care of their family, and are financially independent, etc. however i agree with my mr. (duh!)

    sorry Ky, i know you love them. but i'm anti-building an army for god. i'm anti building ALL armies. quiverfull = crazy.

  3. All opinions are welcome here, amigos.

    That said, I'm not so certain those Duggar girls are dressed for combat. There are times when skirts just aren't appropriate.

    Does the comparison of the Duggars to animals bother anyone? Or is it just me? I just found it be, I don't know... blech.

    Idealogical and religious differences are to be expected and well, respected. I am pleased that they're not in-your-face about their beliefs, though. And, they seem (and it's only a TV show) to be semi-tolerant of others.

    But again, Duggars versus dogs?

    Eh. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    And I'm a dog person.

    Thanks for your comments - both of you mr & mrs. g.

  4. I have a problem with PETA all the time, so yes, I also find it creepy.

  5. Agree. The billboard isn't even clever, and it just feels very condescending. Especially because they're putting it in the Duggars' hometown. Ew.

    There's nothing OVERTLY derogatory in PETA's statement or the billboard, but it's clear PETA thinks of the Duggars as oddities, weirdos, something to be made fun of. Yes, they put themselves out there for public opinion via their show. But this just underlines the fact that, because PETA thinks the Duggars are freaks, they feel superior to them and think they're entitled to feel that way. Ugly.

    I am a dog FANATIC and friend to all animals (still working on the birds, though), and I still can't stand PETA. More often than not, they alienate potential allies with their ridiculously over-the-top, offensive campaigning. Way to take a great cause and make it into something eminently hateable(and I'm not just talking about this instance). Boo.


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