How about a hot dog doughnut?

2/23/2010 05:08:00 AM

Did you see this article? Apparently a group of pediatricians in the States would like a hot dog and candy redesign in order to eliminate the possibility of little ones from choking.

I have a little one.

I don't want her to choke.

I get it.

But, let's mull this one over.

What shape would you like for your hot dog to be? Yes. I'd like for you to answer.

(Oddly, Craig and I saw a Mexican brand of salchichas (hot dogs) down here by the brand name of, "FUD" (pronounced, "food") that are actually FLAT and long. On the packaging it says something to the effect of, "easier for eating".  So, dear American friends, it's been done. In Mexico. And it's gross. Hot dogs should be, well, hot dogs.)


  1. Sheesh...

    Hot dogs are hot dogs.

    If you want to feed it to a little one, CUT IT UP! Just like grapes.

  2. I second that. Parents, is it really that difficult to take 5 seconds to cut the damn hotdog for your kids?


  3. flat hot dogs? that's just... wrong.

  4. A flat hotdog would freak me out. Does it look like a flatworm? Ew.

    Yeah, take the 15 seconds to cut the damn thing.

  5. I agree..good heavens just cut the thing up...haha!

  6. A flat hot dog... a.k.a. bologna??

    Amen, sisters. CUT. IT. UP. Really small if you have to.

    What's next? Genetically engineered strawberries with a hole in the middle?

  7. Maybe, for the lazy parents out there, they should not change the shape, but merely start selling pre-cut hot dogs!

  8. Maybe hamburgers and hotdogs should switch shapes.

  9. Een,

    You made me laugh out loud.



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