Help a sista out.

2/18/2010 05:08:00 AM

I'm all about ways to help any working or stay-at-home Moms find ways to supplement their income.  I mean, let's face it, everyone's money tree is well, not blooming these days.

That said - my sister-in-law is now a Maddy Moo Creations consultant. Purses, diaper bags, accessories.

You can choose your own fabric and "build" what you like. (My first question? Does it have to have a boy/ribbon on it? (BLECH), she said: "Absolutely not!" Whew.)

Check out her website here. And, hey - it make be a good way for you to make extra moola, too. (Get it? Maddy Moo? "Moola"? HAHAHAHAHAAH.)


  1. These are super cute!!!!

  2. I'm excited for her Maddy Moo show this Friday! I think I just might need a 4th or 5th diaper bag.

  3. Ooooh...look! There's even a "Kendra" bag!


  4. Very cute!! This will go on my "Must Check Out When Not At Work" list!


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