Ferg's computer.

2/12/2010 05:08:00 AM
We solely bought The Ferginator her own computer so that she might lounge on it. 
You know, since money's no object and all. 
And, we understand how important it is for dog's to have their own personal computers.

(I love that little leg hanging down... ever so relaxed.)

"What? Get off the computer? Nah."

(Ok, that's really C.'s computer. But in all weirdness, Ferg sleeps on his computer nearly everyday. 
She's far more cat-like than I ever had thought...)


  1. Is it plugged in? She probably likes it because it's warm. Heating pad - Mac... same thing.

  2. ferg schmerg. i agree with athenabee. the tye dye was by far the most intriguing part of this post.

  3. You ladies crack me up. Indeed, C. is wearing tye-dye. It's the 10-year anniversary shirt from his cousin's memorial golf classic. Each year they choose a color, for this past 10-year anniversary they chose tye-dye.

    So indeed, there's an emotional tie to that shirt...

  4. I believe what this means is that you are on the computer so much that she knows either this is where she'll find you, your computer smells like you, or she associates you with the computer. ahahahaha!

    I like that you only go for the best when buying your dog her own computer. Only a mac will do for the Ferg. :)

    (she did look like a cat on your dining room table picture the other day!)


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