Ferg Friday: Dining Room Edition

2/05/2010 06:02:00 PM
Doesn't everyone get home from the grocery store to find their 8 lb. Havanese sitting like a cat on their dining room table?

Sometimes I wonder...

Yep. I literally was saying to her, "Ferg? You're on the table? Why?"
Ferg's response: stillness.
She moved not a muscle and said not a word...
...and posed for her picture.

Yep, she's sitting next to a flat head screw driver.
Makes you wonder what she's been up to, doesn't it?
(I love that face.)

And there you have it...
...Ferg Friday.


  1. Oh, how I love that Ferg. She is a muffin, for sure.

  2. Not that I want to start finger pointing, but one of the chairs looks pushed away from the table. I think Ferg clearly took this as an invitation to explore other perspectives of her world. :)

    If it turns out Ferg is handy with a flat head, would you be willing to send her to Ohio, please?

  3. Love me some Ferg Friday! =)

  4. This is my favorite Ferg Friday yet!

  5. She has her paws tucked and everything. She really is sitting like a cat. That being said, she should be more helpful with the birds when they get in the house.


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