Every home should have a bottle of ___________.

2/16/2010 05:08:00 AM

Frankly, I think distilled white vinegar is a treasure. To drink? No. To clean with? Yes.

If you can get over the whole, "I-just-dyed-Easter-eggs" smell - you'll love the fact that white vinegar removes ANY schmutz AT ALL on stainless steel pans. Go ahead. Try it. They'll be shinier, too.

And that was your Martha Moment.

P.S. I'd like for you to finish that sentence above. "Every home should have a bottle of ___________."
(This could be funny.)


  1. ...tub of OxyClean sensitive!

  2. rinse your hair with that once a week, you'll be thrilled!

  3. ditto to what Athena bee said! Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE bleach!

  4. WD40. Not only does it stop the squeaks, it polishes stainless steel appliances beautifully. Just don't put on on surfaces that food touches (like countertops)

  5. (I am so shocked that no one has said, "Jack Daniels" yet.)

    I know it's very un-green, too - but I ADORE bleach, Jill.

    AthenaBee - if lysol disinfectant were a perfume, I'd wear it.

    grumbles - what does vinegar do to hair color? Bad things? (Who am I kidding? My hair hasn't been dyed since before I was pregnant.)

    Dusty B - EXCELLENT idea. I had no idea that it worked well on stainless appliances. That makes sense.

    Lauren - does it REALLY take out stains?!

  6. I was going to say Champagne because you never know when you are going to need an impromptu celebration (it is also good to cook with occasionally).

    I will have to invest in a nose plug because vinegar is so horrid smelling to me (I won't put it in food either). Does the pot or pan or whatever smell like vinegar afterward?

    This makes me think of removing wall paper with vinegary water. ICK!

  7. Jameson Whiskey! Jack works too. hehe

  8. Bombay Sapphire

  9. I'm thinking that every house needs a bag of baking soda to go with the vinegar. The two together make a mean team. :)

  10. My husband and I are new to the private school sector and are financial contributors to the cause...aka our son best sewing machines


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