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2/24/2010 05:08:00 AM

So, I DVR The Little Couple on TLC. I think Dr. Jen is ridiculously adorable. I heart her.

Not the point of this post.

During the show there's always a commercial for that TLC show, "Toddlers and Tiaras."

Disclaimer: I've NEVER WATCHED THIS SHOW. Therefore, I'm sure you could accuse me of being judgmental. But, I ask you: do I really need to watch the show in order to know those mothers/grandmothers/guardians of those poor TODDLERS are awful?

Now that I have a daughter I can guarantee that I will never, ever, EVER do that to my child.

They spray-tan those children.
And dress them in mini, mini skirts and Britney Spears bare-belly shirts.
I think they glue fake eyelashes on them, too.
And, those little four-year-olds can sashay in a sexy (!!!) manner better than I EVER will.



Where's Child Protective Services when you need them? (That poor baby. Below.)

More insanity (pictures) here.


  1. Agree on both shows!!!! Love, love Dr. Jen!!!! Never could tolerate such behavior of these beauty pageants!!You know with me having such a beautiful daugher!! as you do...I can not still believe this is going on in 2010...I truely believe this is a form of child abuse!!!..sorry but I feel sooo strong about this truely is shame that something isn't done about it! Okay Yia Yia has flown off the handle again.....

  2. We DVRed Toddlers one night because I thought I needed to give it a fair shot before condemning it. Now I can say ... it made me sick. One poor little girl had to wear FAKE TEETH because hers are crooked. Um, she's like 7.

    Another girl didn't even recognize herself in her picture. Her mom, grandma, someone said, 'Well, they had to retouch your photo A LOT.' She put the emphasize on A LOT, not me.

    I feel strongly about this and could go on. I know they probably pick the most extreme people for the show, but come on. What are we teaching our daughters?

  3. A you forgot about the girl who had to practice keeping her eyes wider because she was too squinty. Also the family that had an extra trailer on their land so they could keep all the pageant stuff in it, and it was full. These people are crazy!

  4. I can't believe this. I did pageants when I was little (because I asked to, not because my mom made me) and not ONE little girl had makeup on. We didn't have a swimsuit portion and no pelvic thrusting dancing. I hate that it's like this now.

  5. If this isn't the groundwork for anorexia, eating disorders, plastic surgery, and basic poor self esteem, I don't know what is.

    Are these poor toddlers ever asked if they want to participate? I would be curious to see a study/psychoanalysis done of teens that have been through this process and hear their thoughts on this and if they hate their mothers.

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  7. Yeah... good parenting. Teach your daughters what's really important - make up, looking sexy (gross!), big hair, and relying on their looks to get them ahead in the world.

    I, too, am totally disgusted by this. How could you not be? Who watches this show and actually agrees with it? Equally disgusted with TLC for broadcasting it like it's an OK thing to do.

  8. This show is disturbing on so many levels. These little girls are going to have to many self-esteem issues as they grow up (because we all know that while their MOMS are dreaming about Miss America titles, the reality of that happening is slim to none). I take issue with TLC (that's the channel, right?) and the fact that they deem this "OK" for public consumption. Shame on the network.

    OK....I'll step off my soapbox now....

  9. Love it. I knew I had a bunch of level-headed people reading my blog.

    Glad you see the insanity.

  10. Soooo creepy and sad!!!!

  11. I watched one of those toddler tiara shows (forget which one) just to see if it was as crazy as I was imagining. And YES IT IS! I can't ever watch another episode b/c it literally makes me feel sick. Esp when the moms are totally mean to their children for whatever reason concerning their pageant crap. Meanwhile, the Moms are generally white trash and not attractive in the least (how's THAT for judgmental?! ) So they are essentially living vicariously through their daughters.


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