Dear Cherry Coke.

2/21/2010 08:20:00 PM
Dear can of Cherry Coke,
I love you.
I have missed you.
I live in Mexico and they don't sell you here. (I know, I know. A tragedy.)
However, I happened to find a lone can or two of you at my favorite Cabo grocer: C.C.C.
You tasted like heaven.
Sweet high fructose corn syrup plus artificial cherry flavor, I love you.
I am happy to pay the equivalent of $2.09 USD for you, per can.
It was a heavenly splurge.
And I love you.

Eternally yours,


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  2. Cherry Coke reminds me of Ohio Skate.

  3. I'm glad the two of you reunited! You need to send me half of it so we can split it like we used to.


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