CloMo: That's one special niece.

2/03/2010 07:00:00 AM
Chloe was at the office yesterday hanging out. (There she is above, on Christmas Eve.)

She first wrote out a poem/story for me. Then, she typed it out.

I love that kid.

Here it copied and pasted from the original word document:

You’ll be happy with Lila

You start as a couple, and then you got married,

Then you had a little girl.

You were happy when she first laughed,

And when she didn’t cry her self to sleep,

You were happy when she sat up by herself,

You’ll be happy when her first teeth come out,

You’ll be happy when it’s her first and last day of school,

You’ll be happy when it’s her Birthday,

You’ll be happy when she rides her first bike or bus,

When she goes to High School,

When she Graduates,

When she gets her first job,

When she goes to college,

You’ll be happy when she gets her first car,

You’ll be happy I mean really happy when she is still young or older,

You’ll be happy when she cuddles with you,

You’ll be happy when she goes to sleep or wakes up,

You’ll be happy when she takes her first step,

You’ll be happy when Uncle Craig comes back from work and you say it’s your turn to put her to sleep,

And kiss her good night or see her beautiful face every morning at like 6:00 am,

And mostly when you’ve loved her for her whole life.

Live – Laugh – Love

Kylee – Craig – Lila – Fergie.


  1. Oh My Goodness! How sweet is she!!! That is such a great keepsake! You could read it to her when she has her own little one!! LOVE LOVE LOVE how sweet little girls are!

  2. Wow. You need to print that, have Clo color a "border" and frame it.

    It's just too sweet. Her momma (and Aunt) should be proud! :)

  3. uh, that was a real tear-jerker. not kidding. that Clo is one wise little whipper-snapper!

  4. This is awesome!

    Besides being really sweet, it's very well written! How special that she's been able to bond with her little cousin like this.

    I'd buy her an ice cream cone :)

  5. Wow, that is SO sweet. That Clo is an amazing girl. What a sweetheart!!

  6. This is absolutely fabulous! What a little writer. I agree -- this is a wonderful keepsake.

  7. Thank you everybody.
    I will write more in one week tops.



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