2/02/2010 10:17:00 AM
A ruby-throated hummingbird

So, I got up this morning late. (Lila slept for 14 HOURS last night. She's my usual alarm clock. Note: I am not complaining about the extra sleep.)

I left my house, saw a hummingbird as I was walking out the door, drove to work, got out of my car, dropped my blackberry on the sidewalk and broke it. (Screen is now purple and green striped. Pretty? Yes. Functional? No. Do I have blackberry messenger at this moment? No. Does it sort of make me anxious and nervous? Yes.)

Note: My U.S. phone doesn't work either. The battery blew up and the phone only works when it's plugged into the wall. Yes, the wall. I have a corded-mobile phone.

So anyway I got to work and also realized that I forgot my breast pump. (UGH.)

Called Craig, after looking up his phone number in our company directory because, YES, I do not know his phone number.

Told him, "Broke my phone, don't have my U.S. phone and I forgot my breast pump at home."

His response: "Well, you're free as a bird today, aren't you?"

I love him.
Sidenote: BIRDS are the constant theme of my life. Oddly.


  1. Oh no! Are hummingbirds bad luck? I thought they were good luck? Or in your case, is just the sight of ANY bird bad luck? ;)

    I hope your day gets better!

    Fill me in on BB messenger. I've never used it!

  2. It can't be a coincidence. It's Bird Farm ala George Orwell. Run away from the birds!

  3. I LOVE his response. That's the kind of husband that is always needed.... one to make a seemingly bad situation humorous!

  4. Mike's Blackberry did the same thing yesterday! He has no screen. Hmmm... I'm smelling BB conspiracy. Possibly the work of the iPad.

  5. Well, did he bring you your breast pump?? You can't LIVE without a breast pump!

  6. Do walkie-talkies work in cabo?


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