1/13/2010 09:04:00 PM
So you're born and you physically need your Mom - you couldn't really exist without her.

You grow, you become more independent.

You start picking out your own clothes.

You're 6 years old and your Mom is your everything. Your role model. She's just cool.

By the time you're a teenager - you're embarrassed to merely breathe the same air as that woman... doesn't help that she may or may not have a pet vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

Then you go to college and you realize that your Mom is a person. A woman. A human being who has made both good and bad decisions and who actually had a life before you were born. (Gasp.)

You reconcile that your Mom may have (at one time) been cool, but by this point, her coolness has gone the way of the wind... (That may or may not be my Mom circa 1975. She's going to kill me for posting that. She's cute, though!)

Then you grow up.
You get married.
And you realize that your Mom is cool for so many reasons, one of which is because she can cook anything without a recipe book in front of her. And you appreciate that she's taught you the importance of having good credit. And that laughing and faith are necessary for every single day of your life.

Then, you have your own baby...

...well that's when it all comes full circle.

You realize that your Mom is a m a z i n g. You appreciate what she's done. You realize that she did the best she could with what she had at the time and... well, that's good enough now.

She's your life barometer. She's part of your heart. And you're thankful at every moment that your Mom's heart is in your heart and in the itty-bitty heart of the sweet little Cupcake you rock to sleep at night.


Yay for Moms.


  1. I'm sitting in my 2nd grade classroom, reading this as my students come in, desperately trying not to cry. This post absolutely epitomizes the way I feel about my mom. It's fantastic, and I'm sending her the link so she can read it. Don't ever get rid of this post - I could read it every day!

  2. oh gosh, Kylee...

    Your mom has a very special daughter too. She's every bit as lucky as you are.

    now, please pass me the tissues.

  3. I couldn't agree more...

  4. My mom read it. She cried too. You should publish and market this. I would buy it and put it in a frame.

  5. This is a very emotional post. We all go through phases when we do not appreciate our moms enough and hopefully we can come back.

  6. brilliant, fabulous, i laughed, i cried. go Shirl.

  7. This post made me cry, so very sweet. Moms are truly special people and because they are so special we sometimes forget and take it for granted. This is a nice reminder.


  8. Geez, you made me cry. ;) What a lovely post.

  9. wow, ky, you said it. wiping the tears!


  10. Agree, agree, agree. What a wonderful, lovely, emotional tribute to your mama. Absolutely wonderful. You could absolutely publish this. It made me cry and wish my mom wasn't scared of computers because I'd love for her to read this.

    Love you friend. You (and your mom) are really something special.

  11. I just hope that Clo thinks this way someday. Truly.

    Incredibly special post, Sister.

  12. Kylee you are so VERY special to me. My life would not be complete with out you, I love you, to the moon and back. mom


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