Really? What else American Airlines?

1/19/2010 11:13:00 AM

American Airlines just raised their checked baggage fees.
Why am I complaining about this? Because prior to the change we could travel to and from our international destination to the United States with two bags each for FREE. And, we used to be able to put Ferg under the seat for just $50 per way.

(Yes, I'm aware that domestic travelers have been paying for bags for quite some time now ($25 first bag, $35 second bag), but as a rule we pay more on average because we're flying internationally.)

Ok, let me map out how much it costs us to fly home.

$600 - $700 per ticket (including taxes.) x 2 = $1200 - $1400
$200 for ferg to fly with us ($100 both ways. For our little 8 lb. dog who sits UNDER THE SEAT IN FRONT OF US.)
$100 for Lila's ticket (approximately)
$50 for Craig's second bag
$50 for my second bag
TOTAL: approximately $1600 - $1800 to fly to OHIO.

Update! OOPS! I forgot the $50 and the $50 for our bags coming BACK to Cabo. This brings the cost to $1700 - $1900.


What's the alternative? Walking. Looks like we have to walk to Ohio. I'm not sure it's worth it.


  1. You stay there, we'll all come to you. You have better weather anyway.

  2. I was just going to say the same thing that Grumbles said... seriously, that's not much fun at all!

  3. I promise, we wouldn't make you walk ALL the way to Ohio. We'd pick you up half way. :)

    But seriously, that is so frustrating. Stinkin' baggage fees!

  4. If you would just convince your stupid brother in law to come there Athena and I would be all over it... we may not leave. I'm just warning you now. (I'm a good cook.)

  5. Don't be silly, you don't have to walk. I'm sure you could rent a bike or a moped.

    Yeah, the baggage fees are getting out of hand. Southwest apparently doesn't have them. But they also don't have assigned seating, so you have to decide which sucks the least.

    How long before people throw up their hands and say, "forget it, this year we will be vacationing in the garage"?

  6. Forget that tomfoolery. You should revolt by moving back to Ohio. That'll show 'em!


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