Pet Peeve.
(No, I'm not pregnant.)

1/26/2010 12:08:00 AM
When announcing that you and your life partner, boy/girlfriend or husband/wife are increasing the number of dependents in your family via the introduction of a baby within 40 weeks, please don't say, "We're (plural) pregnant."

Because, you (plural) aren't.

The last I heard, men don't give birth. (No comments about the pregnant man, deal?)

"We're pregnant."

Really? How's that?

You'd never say that, "We're getting a vasectomy."

There are just some things only one gender has the pleasure of experiencing. That's life. No equal-rights here.

Alternate acceptable pregnancy announcements: "We're having a baby." Or, "My wife is pregnant" or the 1950's-era, "We're expecting."

Thank you very much for complying.

The Management


  1. Yes, "We're expecting" is the acceptable way to say it.

    Someone just said to me at church "Did you hear Mark's pregnant?" I replied, "Cool. Well... I hope Mark isn't the one pregnant!"

  2. Tru dat! Not a fan of the WE are pregnant phrase.

    In similar wording someone asked us a few months ago "When are you two going to get pregnant?". To which T. replied "WE are not going to get pregnant, my wife will be the one getting pregnant when the time is right."

  3. A: I'm SO with you on this one. It really bugs me when people say this. "We're having a baby" is perfectly fine.

    B: I would not put it past some women to say, "We're having a vasectomy." Which is just as ludicrous as "We're pregnant." Stop trying to share EVERYTHING. It just isn't natural and it's obnoxious and serves no purpose other than to annoy others.

  4. although neither i nor any of my significant male other halves have been pregnant (making me feel as though i have no credibility on the topic) i too think it's odd phrasing. however, i noticed that when my (only) brother was expecting his first baby to arrive, i often found myself saying "they're pregnant" - what?! social conditioning, perhaps?

  5. Though I do not care for the odd phrasing, I now have a better appreciation for why it happened. It happened 1) because we are a hypersensitive PC society to the point of absurdity and 2) because, let's be honest, the dads get left out/ forgotten/ overlooked in the whole pregnancy process. It seems to be a PC way of awkwardly acknowledging that it did indeed take two to make the baby.

    We don't get vasectomies because that process doesn't require, though it typically does and should involve input from, two people.

  6. I am so with you on this! I'm glad I'm not the only one.


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