Nature's rough.

1/26/2010 09:35:00 AM
Our BEAUTIFUL bougainvillea tree in our sweet, cozy, lush and green courtyard caught some sort of "worm" (?) and is in a bad way. It's been shedding leaves like crazy for the past several weeks.

We chose to ignore the problem thinking that perhaps it was just going through it's change of "season" (autumn) a bit earlier than normal; however it appears that the shedding of the leaves were really our trees' tears of pain. That we were ignoring.

The tree is really TWO trees and has GOT to be at least 50 years old or so.

And now, it looks like this. (Gasp. I know, it's awful.) Oh, and they said it just needed to be "trimmed."

Maybe, "trimmed" means something different here?

(View from inside my house, looking out to the "tree")

I think I'm going to throw up.

Positive note: I guess the birds will no longer have anywhere to live...

As I was leaving for work this morning they were cutting down the once-beautiful part of the tree that cascaded over the side of the courtyard wall... (See the man up there?)

So sad.

More pics to come.


  1. Awe... sad. I feel this way about all the Ash trees at my parent's place. Those damn beetle things killed them all.

    See, you are not anti-nature. You do love plants!

  2. Frown face. It's always sad when a beautiful plant dies.

    As a wise friend and plant lover once told me... just like people have a life span, plants have a life span. There is a just a time where every plant is ready to be done and that's okay.

    Will you replace it with something else?

  3. See! Sarah! I DO love plants. Always have.

    Dri - that resonated with me. Indeed, plants have life spans, too. Well said.

    "There is a season for everything," no?

    Yep - I want to replace it with something.

  4. oh, sad :(

    We had a small orange tree that we were growing in our house. We were growing it until we could plant it outside. We got a Christmas tree one year and it had worms and it killed our orange tree.

    I am sorry about your tree


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