MexMo: Are you joking with me?

1/13/2010 10:23:00 AM

So yesterday I take my Mom out to get some Mexican food before she left. (She left today.)

Below is part of the actual conversation between our waiter and I:

Me: Can we get some salsa and guacamole to start, por favor?

Him: Claro. (Of course.)

He walks away.

He returns 3 minutes later.

Him: We don't have guacamole today.


WHAT? This is Mexico.
I was just at the grocery store and there was a four-foot tall pyramid of avocados.
How do you not have guacamole?

This is like going to an Italian restaurant, ordering spaghetti and them telling you, "I'm sorry. We're out of pasta."



  1. ...or going to Panera and having them tell you they are out of bread. Seriously? (This has happened to me several times.)

  2. uh, yes that seems unacceptable!

    P.S. That huge bowl of guacamole looks seriously delicious. yum.

  3. That is completely unacceptable.

    That picture however, is making my mouth water. THANKS!


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