Lila Lunes

1/11/2010 12:01:00 AM
Lila Ross.
16.7 lbs.

Q. What's Lila up to?
A. Right now, she's big in to her walker. Don't worry - we live in ranch-style home. No stairs for her to tumble down.

Earlier this week, she couldn't move the walker over the rug in the living room. Today? She's outside adding a lift kit, a new under-walker light kit and planning out just the right color that will work with the walker's color scheme. (She wants to add her name in Old English lettering on the back of it. You know, to really customize it. I mean we are in Mexico.)

In the walker. Yelling.

Q. How's eating going?
A. Very well.

Here we were conquering the peas outside. It was bright out. Note the open, "FEED ME," mouth. (I love this kid.)

Thus far we have conquered:
  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Peas
  • Potatoes/green beans/zucchini
  • Next up? Carrots
  • Then, avocado
She's a pretty good eater. And sippy-cup-drinker.

Q. Has Lila gotten into any fights lately?
A. Yes, she has. With her little red plastic pail that holds her blocks. As it turns out, she fell on the side of it and received a little swollen shiner. (Of course, this happened whilst Craig was working. He came home and was like, "WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?" He immediately said, "That would have never happened if she was with me.")

Ahhhh... and so begins the parental blame when accidents happen on the other person's dime. :)

(The shiner is located below her left eye. It's already looking better...)

Please note that Lila and her Daddy chose to coordinate recently. (This adorable outfit was bought for Lila by Stella's Mom. We love the brown. )

Q. Has Lila been to the beach yet?
A. Indeed. (I love that face. It's totally her, "Duh" face. Can't wait to see more of that when she turns about 10.)

Seriously though, she hadn't touched sand until this past week. She ate some of it. And let's just say, a bath when we got home was necessary. She had sand in some very unappealing places.

Lila also dipped her toes in the ocean with Nana.

Q. How's everything else going?
A. Great. Lila is loving having her Grandma visit. I think she'll be [read: I will be] sad when she leaves on Wednesday morning. :( She's been here for nearly a month, and honestly? I wish she were staying longer.

Here are some cute pics of them from this past week.

I love this smile on Lila's face. Pure glee.

My Mom laughing at silly Lila. I hear that grandchildren are wonderful.

Smooches for Nana.
I love how Lila's hand is ever-so-gently placed on my Mom's cheek.

Both of them have their eyes closed... (Aw.)


Oh! This week Lila also invited her Daddy to a tea party. (Hats were necessary for girls.)

Her favorite part of the tea party? Less the tea, more the small cakes.
(That's my girl.)

Random pics...

Lila is now actually big enough to fit into her umbrella stroller. We gave it a whirl.
(Her feet are a blur because they are constantly moving.)

The poor child has NO chance of EVER matching with me as her mother.

Lila in her Little House on the Prairie hat.

Lila and Melvin the Monkey.
(She had fallen - note the raised leg - and I took her photo as opposed to helping her get upright. Priorities.)

And finally, I love this one.

Have a great week, ya'll.

--Movies from this week.

More Lila movies can be found on my youtube channel here.


  1. Absolutely love these entries! Photos are amazing!

    Lila's sunglasses always make me giggle out loud:)

  2. Awe...looks like Grandma and Lila are having a fabulous time together!

    I adore the curls above Lila's ears!

    And the "duh" face! Too cute! I'm sure there will come a day when you'll hate it :)

  3. OMG I'm in love with adorable little angel!!!!!

    What great pics of Lila and your mom.

  4. She is just SO darn expressive!! Love it, love her....too adorable.

    The pics with your mom are so sweet :)

  5. Which one of you was clearly acting like a moron at the beach? She wasn't impressed.

    The pictures of her with your mom made me go "OOOOHHHH!!!!!" right out loud.

  6. Those pictures of Lila and Shirl are PRE.CIOUS. Seriously, Ky. You have an extremely photogenic daughter (duh), but those are on a whole new level. The contentment and joy on both of their faces is so completely evident. Just lovely.

    And I know I've seen you make that beach face before. :)

  7. The DUH face is incredible!

    YAY for Shirl.

  8. Those photos of your Mom and Lila are so precious Kylee. They made me well up.

    Another great week!

  9. it's so interesting this week b/c in the pictures of Lila by herself she looks like she's growing into a little girl, but in the pics with your mom she still looks like that sweet little baby!! i looked at her birth pic on my fridge 2 days ago and i just shook my head at how quickly she is growing.

    LOVED the outfit with craig's matching shorts.


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