Lila Lunes:
The many faces of Lila

My Lila Ross is seven months old.

Q. How big is Lilakins?
A. At this point La-la-la-Lila weighs 16.8 lbs. She's also about 27 inches long. We feel she's just right.

Q. Does she have any teeth yet?
A. Nope. However, she understands the benefits of good oral hygiene. There she is brushing her gums. (Note her one long hair? Stuck to her cheek? Lol.)

Q. Is Lila crawling yet?
A. Nope, but she's trying! (Video to come.) We did lower her crib this week. (Sad. She's no longer a newborn...) Here she is waking up from her nap in the new and improved lower crib. (She's wearing a sleep sack. I love, love, LOVE sleep sacks.)

Q. What's Lila up to?
A. Gettin' around. A lot. See?

Q. How are Lila and Ferg?
A. Just fine. Here's Ferg greeting Lila after we returned home from somewhere. Yes, Ferg's sitting on Lila.

Lila was very happy with Ferg kissing her. See?
(Her legs are, as always, a blur. This child never stops moving.)

Speaking of Ferg... I'd like to walk you through a Ferg/Lila moment from this past week.

Ferg got a scarf for Christmas from C.'s Mom.
She loves it.
She's very proud to wear it.

Lila is semi-grabby.
She also adores Ferg, so... Ferg + scarf =

Lila, (who is just now learning to support herself when she's falling down), grabs for Ferg's treasured scarf and inadvertently falls on her.
Ferg sighs.
And doesn't move, so as to hold up Lila. (Good dog.)

Lila then tries to grab the scarf again.
Ferg is clearly very uncomfortable with letting her baby sister touch her scarf.

Finally, my Ferginator steps closer so as to give Lila closer proximity to her treasured scarf.
Lila pulls on it. Nearly chokes Ferg.
Ferg is over Lila and promptly walks away from her. (Taking her scarf with her.)

Lila rolls her eyes.
(That's my daughter.)

Q. When does Lila cry?
A. I'll tell you what, Lila seems to only cry when I sit down to eat a meal. I'm serious. I'm not certain I've eaten more than six warm meals since she's been alive. Seriously.

She also cries when her [non]teeth hurt, when she's over-tired and [this is new!] when she's with anyone other than Craig and I. Fun.

Ok, I've got a few product reviews for this week's Lila Lunes.

1. Hyland's teething tablets. OMG, they are so much better than the Little tummies brand. They're all natural and dissolve VERY quickly. (The little remedies brand unfortunately doesn't seem to dissolve as quickly as the Hyland's do. Lila has coughed out the little tummies brand more than once. These ones actually work.)

2. Little Remedies Gripe water. We've been giving this stuff to Lila since she was a newborn. Why? Hiccups. At this point, because of her love of this all-natural product, she'll take ANYTHING out of a baby-syringe.3. Binki-brand pacifier clips. We used to use these with Lila's Soothie-brand pacifiers and since she's given up her pacifier at 9 weeks old - we've started to use these clips to attach a teether to her or to attach a toy to her (or her cart cover) when we're at a restaurant or shopping. They're supper handy and strong.
Ok, I'm tired this week. :) On to the pictures.

My daughter appears to be very expressive. I love it.


Scrumptious delight.

Quiet contemplation.

Total frustration.



Well, cute.

On to the movies, this is VERY serious Lila. She had just been crying in her crib (teething?) and we gave in and got her up.

Here she is... super-annoyed with me. And crying.

We hope you have a really great week.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...and I adore Ferg's scarf!!! Dave is always talking about maybe getting a dog (probably in a few years) and I could love a dog Ferg's size. She is too cute.

  2. Your daughter is adorable! Am I'm grinning ear to ear at how much she loves her homeopathics. :)

    We love Hyland's and I HIGHLY recommend their Cold and Cough formula for Kids when you get there. It got us through this weekend with Ellie.

    By the way, in case you don't already have some, get some Arnica tablets. Now that she's getting ready to crawl she'll be bumping into lots of stuff that isn't as soft as Ferg. Arnica given right after she bumps into something will eliminate bruising. Seriously. It's a staple in our household.

  3. I totally agree on the Hyland tablets and the gripe water. Athena lived on gripe water and gas drops.

    That kid can haul all kinds of ass down that hallway in her walker. Awesome. Also, I adore her hair. Sh has quite the different style.

  4. OMG, she is such a doll. I want one! Oh crap, did I just say that?!

    I especially love the Ferg/Lila story. Adorable!

    BTW, I think she's looking more like you, Ky.

  5. The last video cracked me up - it's hilarious how easily they can turn on the tears! haha And I am very impressed with Lila's skills with the walker!

  6. Awe, I love all of her expressions. She is so adorable.

    I also swear by the teething tablets and Gripe water. Both are awesome.

  7. I cannot stand how cute this child is. Seriously. She has THE most expressive face I've ever seen on a 7-month-old! I cannot stand it.

    Something else I cannot stand: I can't watch videos at work. BOO. Can't wait to get home and watch little Lila practicing for the Indy 500.


    Love you guys.

  8. I love the Mean Mommy video. Sorry, Lila, but it made me laugh. And the Lila/Ferg interaction was great!

  9. what do you use the gripe water for?? someone recommended it to me on twitter once when i was complaining about a fussy jude evening- i don't get what it DOES. when do you give it to lila?

  10. I liked Lila in her "car." I also loved the first pic in her bath hoodie - I adore those!

    Man is your babe a DOLL!

  11. She is such a sweetheart!! I love her. The video of her going down the hall in her walker CRACKED me up! Hilarious.

    I also love Ferg's scarf. Very cute

  12. Love Lila's car! She's so fast! and good ol ferg and the scarf. God love her.


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