Lila Lunes: It's all about the sweet potaotes.

Very serious Lila.

Q. How's Lila?
A. Stupendous. She's absolutely and 100% loving eating solids; specifically sweet potatoes. (I highly recommend sweet potatoes as a first food. They're not a fruit, yet they're still sweet. Lila's totally down with them.) She's nursing less, and well, as awesome as it is to not be feeding her every 3-4 hours during the day, I can already tell I'm going to be sad (yes, sad) when she slowly stops breastfeeding. I mean, I'm sad enough that she can pretty much hold her own bottle...

Q. So what IS a yam? And is there ANY difference between sweet potatoes and yams?
A. I researched this and no. "In the United States, yams and sweet potatoes are one and the same and the terms are used interchangeably for the same vegetable." Learn more here.

If you say to Lila, "Open!" she gets muy excited.
She opens her mouth, takes in a bite, then laughs and inadvertently spits it all out.
It's a bit of a time-consuming cycle.

And, no matter how hard we try to keep her clean,
her hands always end up in her mouth.
We can't get mad.
Look at that face.

Q. So really? Are you ACTUALLY making Lila's baby food?
A. Heavy sigh... well... yes I am. SO FAR... I mean, how easy is it to moosh up a sweet potoato? It's incredibly easy. AND, the idea of keeping preservatives away from my Cupcake for as long as possible is appealing. Will I continue this pureeing of veggies and stuff? I don't know.

I look at it in the same way that I viewed breastfeeding... I'll give it a whirl. If it works, suh-weet. If not, I'm no less of a Mommy if I don't steam, puree and freeze my kid's meals.

That said, I HIGHLY suggest silicone ice cube trays for freezing food. They work like a charm - it's SO easy to get the cube-o-food out of them. And, when you put the puree IN the cubes, don't try to use a spoon. It's ridiculously messy. Put all of the puree in a ziplock bag, cut off the corner, and squeeze into each square a la cake-decorating style.
Q. So, developmentally - what's going on with Lila?
A. She's fun. She's sitting up. (Very seldom does she face plant anymore.) She's laughing often. (All the time.) Her personality is coming out more and more each day and it's who-larious to see. She's a pleasure.

That's my daughter wearing a reindeer hat, a Santa bib and her Halloween outfit complete with pumpkin-butt pants after Christmas.

Q. How's the teething going?
A. Terribly.

I hate it.

(As does, Lila.)

I'm so conflicted - do I give her motrin steadily? Do I give her tylenol just when she "needs" it? Personally, I don't take non-natural medications lightly. The idea of giving my daughter a constant drip of acetaminophen makes me so uncomfortable. And then, the whole oralgel argument... it's good for the gums, bad for the gums, use it!, don't use it!, blah, blah, blah.

THEN, you read all of the homeopathic websites written by the moms who are already better than me because they do the whole cloth-diapering thing (which I already cannot even FATHOM doing here in Mexico). They write about how they would NEVER, EVER give their child any sort of mainstream medication for teething solely to show The Man that their hippy baby only needs to suck on frozen washcloths and organic wooden teething rings to alleviate their throbbing gums from teething pain.

Kills me.

I suppose this is another one of those situations: I need to do what I think it right as a parent.

Still, the crying and screaming? Shoot me.

I may become an alcoholic.


Ok, on to this week's pics.

For Christmas, Santa brought Lila her very own Cupcake doll from blogger Wendy's etsy store! (See here.) It's fabric and CUTE and Lila LOVED it. (Here are more pics of various dolls she's created.) Here's Lila just moments after she opened it.

Yep. Everything.In.The.Mouth.

Here is my cupcake holding her cupcake.
She LOVES her doll.

Happy girl!

Wearing the super-cute outfit from our good friend, Patt!

Again. Lila loves her Daddy.

My favorite pic of the week.

My sweetie pie.

Have a stupendous week.

P.S. One new video this week: Lila mastering her sippy cup - one handed.


  1. A few things...thank you for clearing up the yam/sweet potatoe mystery. I've always wondered but never took the time to find out if there was a difference.

    Two, Lila is as cute as always! :)

  2. So cute! I think it's awesome that you're making your own food. That's a goal of mine too. So good luck! (And please continue to share any "tricks!")

  3. yay!! cute pics, sorry about the teething, and i'm glad that you still go to Baja with the little Cupcake.

  4. Those dolls are great! Sophia has one and loves it too.

    Sorry about the teething...hang in there!!! I have no words of wisdom, other than I completely understand.

  5. Both Evan and Abbey had sweet potatoes first also!

    Hang in there with the teething...

  6. I may need to borrow your child for my advertising purposes! Thanks for the photos of her with the cupcake doll - they made me giggle! :) She's just too cute!!

  7. Love Patt's outfit!

    Your little sweet potato is amazingly cute!

    I cannot believe all the food prep you are doing!!!!

  8. Sweet potatoes were a hit with the Bee too. She also likes sweet potato fries.

    The ibuprophen works longer, but getting her to take in was nearly impossible. Taste it. It feels like acid on your throat. I had to stick with the tylenol.

    I need to take a video of Athena watching Lila's videos. It's darn cute. Her commentary is great.

  9. "Pumpkin butt pants" made me howl with laughter! Very cute pics and video! Thanks for looking into the yam/sweet potato mystery. Things are much clearer now...

    Miss you!

  10. Thanks everyone!

    Glad I could clear up the potato/yam question for you. :)


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