Lila Lunes:
4 days until she's 7 months!

1/18/2010 12:01:00 AM
My name is Lila.
I'll be your happy-cute-little-baby today!
How may I assist you?

I've decided that in order to become a parent, would-be's should have to learn/conquer several things:

1.) Putting on a crib sheet. HOLY COW, why is this so hard? VERY small tight sheet on a teeny mattress is enough, throw in the slats on the crib that are like 1.5 inches a part and no kidding I need like 2 more hands and a shoehorn just to change Lila's sheets.

2.) Socks. Putting socks on an active, almost 7-month-old child is next to impossible. I'd rather try to catch a bird.

3.) Never, ever sleeping in again. You can't. You won't. You don't. If you're baby's not waking you up, your boobs are. (If you're still nursing.) No rest for the weary, campers. Who needs sleep?

I'll think of more to add to my, "Try-this-before-you-have-children" list... until then, shall we dig into this week's update?

Q. How's Lila this week?
A. She's sits up, grabs something, drops it, reaches for it, falls, cries. Then we repeat this about 20 times a day.

A variation of this process below.

Has fallen to least favorite belly-position.

Is becoming frustrated that I'm taking pictures instead of helping her reach her cupcake doll.

Is now indeed crying, proving that, "Grandma makes me smile" bib to be a complete and utter lie.

Q. Why do you keep your baby on the tile instead of on the carpet?
A. It's not us. It's her. She rolls and she rolls fast. And, she prefers the coolness of the floor, I guess. Like her counterpart: Ferg.

Q. Speaking of Ferg, are she and Lila still besties?
A. Indeed they are. Here they are loving on one another this past week.

May I please touch your face?

Pure delight.
Ferg is such a good sport.

Q. How's solid-food eating going?
A. Excellent! We tried avocados this week. Here's a cameraphone pic below. Lila's least favorite at this point? Green beans. We're trying to mix them with carrots, but she still hates them. The mock-coughing she does whenever she eats them cracks me up. She's already quite the actress.

Q. So have you gotten rid of any "baby stuff" yet?

A. Indeed we have. We retired Lila's swing and her playmat. The swing was the KEY to keeping Lila happy during her first few months on earth - now it just makes her mad.

And, the playmat collapsed on her this week. Another one of those moments when I took a picture of her when I should have been helping her. (I hope this doesn't emotionally scar her.)

Here she was moments before it toppled down.


Nope. Forget it. I give up.

Well, then it fell. On her.
(Camera phone pic. Sorry.)

Q. So, is that a flat-screen installed in Lila's crib?
A. Yes. This is how we roll. Candy, cookies, flat screens, cristal -- whatever our little baller wants, she gets.

No, silly... that would be Lila's hand-me-down mobile from cousin Aubrey that she watches as if it were giving her a private showing of E!'s Talk Soup. (Which she enjoys.)

What do you need?

Q. Does Lila like to shop?
A. Thus far her favorite place to shop is the grocery store. Partly because of her cart-cover from Aunt T. Here she is having a fantastic time at C.C.C. (Please note her strawberry shoes.)

Q. Is Lila's hair growing?
A. Hmmm... maybe? In some spots? I forced barrettes into her hair today, let's just say they were hanging by a thread. A very cute thread, but a thread nonetheless.

It's common in Mexico for newborns to have their heads shaved to, "make hair grow in evenly", but I refuse to do it. It's an old wives' tale and it's silly. Who wants their newborn to have stubble?

My little sweetie pie is growing up. And looking more and more each day like her Daddy.

I love this baby.

Have a great week, ya'll.


  1. While looking at the pictures Athena said "I want to go see Lila." I think we should listen to the child.

  2. She is so adorable. I love her little happy smile.

    I rarely put socks on Sophia when she was a baby...she hated them! (like her momma)

  3. I can't say it enough, that is one adorable little girl! :-)

  4. I love reading this! I do have to say though that I have considered doing the Mexican tradition to shave the baby's head. Sammy lookes like he has a yamaka on his head. lol

  5. The crib sheet is an impossibility! I have found that I have to completely remove the entire mattress from Logan's crib in order to put the sheet on. I think that's just ridiculous!

  6. We had that mobile! Loved it! But I must say I'm a bit surprised that you have it since it is BIRDS tweeting!! Or is this part of your 12-step program to become better with birds? teehee

    Cupcake doll! :) Lila is getting so big - each week I think, wow, she's growing up so fast!

  7. nice barrettes!! good call on not giving in to shave her head! ; )

  8. Who shaves their baby's head!

    Super cute! 7 months!

    Every day, I look at baby Lila still on my fridge and cannot bring myself to take down her birth announcement. Then I come to your blog and see how much she has grown. So precious.

  9. I am very jealous over here of Lila's sitting up abilities! Man, I can't get over how fast she is growing. What a little ray of sunshine, she has such a happy smile.

    (and like Amy Christine, I also pretty much have to take the mattress OUT to put that stupid sheet on, which then messes up that underneath ruffle thing turning into a horrible cycle of madness)

  10. I agree that her birth announcement is one of the cutest I've ever seen. It's still hanging in my office. :)

    Is it wrong that I find it endlessly amusing that you snap your child's picture before coming to her aid when she topples over? I love it. And I'm sure Lila will appreciate it when she's older. :)

    (I am thrilled to hear about your no-head-shaving policy. Although I'm sure she could still rock it, not sure Lila would love the G.I. Jane look.)

  11. Such a cutie! I love she and Freg together. Such a beautiful friendship. :)

  12. MY grandma shaved my head when I was born and now I have more hair than 5 people put together! oh and she didn't warn my mom she was doing it.


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