Kate's hair. Thoughts?

1/09/2010 09:39:00 AM

I for one, am quite happy to see that the Rosie O'Donnel 'do has gone by the wayside.

However, I did hear/read that her extensions cost $7000. Whoa.

In all honesty, though... I think I would have paid $8,000 to get rid of her old haircut. (If it were me.)

She looks much better, albeit more mainstream like every.other. blonde celebrity, but the hairstyle is an improvement over the previous one.

Blogger note: This post is solely about hair. Not about Kate. Not about Jon. Just hair. All I'm saying is her hair looks better now that it looks less like the NBC peacock.


  1. I hope she keeps them maintained. Otherwise, the look will start to be all "grrrrl, you damn weaves are craazy skank."

    (Or something like that)

  2. That old look needed to go. My mom had a similar one... in 1987. She looks great. She should stick with it.

  3. I definitely think it looks better than the short "do."

    BUT...I kinda think it looks fake. Maybe it's just because I know it is, or maybe it's because it's so blonde?

  4. I think she looks younger with long hair..or maybe it's the airbrushing?

    p.s. What I would have given for $7K to get extensions when I was growing out my "I chopped all my hair off when I went to college" hairdo.

  5. I'm afraid, in this photo, they look stringy and poorly done. I don't think she looks better at all. I'm not condoning the "style" she had before, but I think she looks better with short hair.

    I can't believe the extensions were 7 G's. I better have the hair of 28 virgins for that kind of money.

    So far, I give it a thumbs down.

  6. I like it too. I think it will look much better when her natural hair grows out that long though.

  7. Horrid! But better than the spikey look. She just doesn't do hair well, period.

  8. I hated the short hair, but in this picture the extensions don't look like she paid more than $100 for them. They make her look younger though. But I forsee many a ponytails in her future with 8 kids!

  9. 1). old haircut was REALLY bad
    2). new hair do is a 5 out of 10, in my humble opinion.
    3). I think she would have looked totally nice with the back of her old hair grown out - a fun bob or something textured at the bottom.
    4). why is the hair so EXTREME, kate. just pick something flattering.

  10. She looks... weird. That's the only way I can appropriately describe this. Not worse than her other more horrible haircut, just... weird. It looks like they photoshopped the whole thing or it's a trick or something.

  11. I don't like the hair style (though MUCH better than her old style) and think the extensions look bad, at least on the cover. I think she would look better with a medium length and I think it is too blonde. She needed a new style, but this is too extreme and just doesn't seem to fit her. Don't like it

  12. I'm with all ya'll. She looks uber-photoshopped. And blonde. And stringy.

    But thank GOODNESS she no longer has Rosie's hair.


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