1/11/2010 11:57:00 AM

Sometimes I find that when I voice a particular hurdle that I'm going through - or when I communicate a particular story or issue to a trusted person; I don't want solutions.

I just want a listening ear. No need to solve anything for me. Just listen. And nod.


This is a good reminder for me...

I wonder how often I do this to others? Instead of really hearing and listening, am I too busy trying to figure out what they should do next? Or, figuring out what they are doing wrong?



  1. I used to be really good at just listening. I've found though, as I get older, I tend to try my hardest to solve things. I need to stop and go back to just listening. I HATE when people give me solutions too.

  2. I think you are a good listening, K. And your advice has never steered me wrong :)

  3. That post is a good reminder for me. I am TOTALLY a fixer. It's hard for me to shut up and listen... I need to try to do that more.

    However, I will say that when I was going through a REALLY rough time a while back (you probably remember) all I wanted was a solution... and no one could give me one. Maybe that's why I want to FIX so badly.


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