I resolve to not sit like a three-year-old. Maybe.

1/06/2010 12:01:00 AM

I am 30 years old and I am physically unable to sit any other way than, "Indian style" (for all of us non politically-correct people out there) while working.

WHAT is wrong with me?

Seriously, my knees are starting to ache when I stand up.


You may be wondering why on earth Johnson&Johnson named their topical analgesic heat rub, "Bengay". (Good question.)

Let me tell you: It was created by a French doctor, Dr. Jules Bengué and well, they named it after him.

I feel that the name needs some work.


  1. Honestly, I never thought of the PC-ness or weirdness of either name "Indian Style" or "Bengay".

    We're getting old, my friend!

  2. At preschool they call "Indian Style" "Criss-cross applesauce." Little R doesn't even know what "Indian Style" is. Isn't that weird?

    P.S. I also sit indian style ALL of the time. Not usually at work, but right now while I'm blogging I'm sitting that way, in fact.

  3. Dri - I was indeed aware of criss-cross applesauce. Ah, how generations change...

  4. I cannot sit in my desk chair at work without sitting half indian style, with my foot/leg tucked under my other leg. And it hurts and I wobble in pain when I get up because my leg is either asleep or has been stuck in that position for so long that it forgets how to work properly. But yet I continue to sit like that. I'm sitting like that right now.

  5. ....and why does it have to smell so awful?

    When I volunteered teaching little kiddos, they were taught to sit "like a pretzel". What?!

  6. Indian style is my favorite, I cannot go an hour in my work chair without sitting like that. Think of it as a yoga pose, you're probably so flexible!

  7. I sit this way all day long. Other people find it rather distracting because they are jealous of my flexibility. :)

  8. Well, you know, it's not so bad... It's actually pretty fun!!

    Oh! And could you tell me how you design the template (or so I think it's called) on your blog??
    I've tried but I cant find the way to do it.... Could you help me??

  9. I am so jealous of all you people that can sit Indian style or criss cross will make ya jump jump style. I find it completely uncomfortable. I also cannot cross my legs like a lady. It sucks.

  10. I have a gross floating knee cap so Native American Style is NOT for me. I do usually sit on one leg until I realize I'm too heavy for my poor little foot to tolerate for very long.

  11. OMG, I do the same thing! And my knees are so stiff when I get up that I feel like I'm 50!



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