I may be the last one to know this...

1/12/2010 12:01:00 AM
“Baby” carrots are the product of modern technology.

They are actually specially formed by a machine that cuts them out from full sized older carrots. Some “growers” add green food coloring at the “stem” for further effect. One way to tell if a baby carrot is truly a baby carrot is to read its packaging. The common “baby carrots” sold in the grocery store will actually say “baby cut” carrots.

From here.


  1. Yep. They get cut and then get run through these tumblers to smooth off the outer layer and round the corners. Then, they're soaked in a water/chlorine mixture to preserve them.


    I think this is why they don't taste as good/sweet. Al

  2. i had no idea.

    yuck. no more baby carrots.

  3. I seriously thought they grew that way, until I saw a TV program last week that told me otherwise. I feel duped!


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