"I didn't want to cut out my fast food..."

1/08/2010 12:01:00 AM
Have you seen those, "Drive Thru Diet" commercials? You know, the ones where that silly girl (Christine) tells T.V. viewers, "I didn't want to cut out my fast food..." so she started eating only certain Taco Bell items?

(God forbid she stop eating fast food. GASP!)

We're just always looking for the easy way, aren't we?

(I cannot WAIT for the Wendy's all-frostys-all-the-time diet. I'm so on it.)

I applaud Taco Bell for thinking outside the bun, but this time, I think they're thinking with their buns.


  1. Please, please pass on the frosty diet when you find it!

    One of our local DJs has decided to try the Taco Bell diet. There are many things that don't sound quite right about the whole thing, but really a taco for breakfast that doesn't have anything to do with eggs? I don't understand.

  2. I don't know what you're talking about. I always feel so light and quick after a nice big Taco Bell meal.

  3. I was going to blog about this too. Seriously, how can Taco Bell be promoting a weight loss program? Yes, offer low fat items, but c'mon!

  4. I think it's pretty obvious how you lose weight on this diet... I'm sure there is a definite purging of the bowels with a consistent meal plan of .69 tacos. Genius!

  5. Mickey D.....that is exactly what I was thinking! It is like a laxative and makes sense why it would work :)

    Seriously, if you read the fine print it says this:
    Drive-Thru-Diet® is not a weight-loss program. For a healthier lifestyle, pay attention to total calorie and fat intake and regular exercise. Taco Bell's Fresco Menu can help with calorie reductions of 20 to 100 per item compared to corresponding products on our regular menu. Not a low calorie food.

    Um, ok?!

    Yeah, nice try Taco Bell but if I eat your food chances are I am not concerned about calories.


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