How do you say it?

1/05/2010 12:01:00 AM

My husband says we're supposed to say 2010 like, "Twenty-ten".

I, however, prefer the more space-aged alternative, "Two-thousand and ten."

His argument? For 1985 you don't say, "Nineteen-hundred and eighty-five."

My argument? Maybe we should.

It sounds more fancy.

So, how do you say it?

UPDATED NEW POLL. (This one should work.)

How do you say it?
Two Thousand and Ten
Two Thousand Ten
I don't say it.
I say it in Spanish.
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  1. I tried to vote - but it was a no go. I say "Two Thousand and Ten"

    .... but did your husband say "Twenty oh one" or "twenty oh nine" his argument is flawed...

    Yes we might say 1985 his way, but he probably didn't say 2001-2009 "his way"

    ...if that makes any sense, lol

  2. i tried to vote too and it said the poll didn't exist. :)

    i've been saying two thousand ten and twenty ten. not sure why i haven't picked just one.

  3. To Erika Jean I say: "AW SNAP!"

    I say two thousand ten; no "and".

    Sonsabitches wouldn't let me vote either.

    (However, Craig, I DO understand what you're saying.)

  4. Two thousand ten. Little known fact but the way we say it has been sort of dictated by hollywood. Until the movie 2001: A Space oddysey came out, pronounced in its promos as "two thousand and one" everyone pronounced and was planning on pronouncing the 21st century as twenty ten, or twenty oh one, same as with nineteen eighty-five instead of the alternative. When The movie came out, some 30 plus years ago, people started pronouncing it differently and it stuck. Cool Huh! The things you learn from watching too much tv!

  5. I am refusing to say twenty-ten. Why, because I do not like the way it sounds. I will continue putting two-thousand at the front of the year like I have done the past nine years (totally agree EJ)! Or maybe I will say "two zero one zero".... just to really be different! :)

  6. I like to think that I will say it like your husband. Twenty ten. I think it rolls off the tongue better but honestly I haven't said it much...

  7. I like the twenty ten mostly but do say two thousand ten also, but less often.

    I don't use the "and" that implies a decimal in normal conversation.

  8. I say "two thousand ten" - no "and." Sorry, I'm a 2nd grade teacher and we tell our kids that "and" doesn't belong in numbers unless there is a decimal point. I know, this makes me a nerd!

  9. I'm actually glad that we're out of the must-say-two-thousand-something years. I always found it awkward coming from the 19-90-somethings.

    So, I say twenty ten.

  10. I say it both ways and sometimes I say just TEN, ELEVEN, or eek, TWELVE. When you work in the event business you are forced to use crazy words.

  11. I can't vote either...

    I say "Two Thousand Ten"...obviously the "and" is too much for me. ;)

  12. I like Amy's answer & yes I say it like you guys, but I am a traditional kinda girl!

  13. Two thousand ten. The "and" is not proper. I thought you were a stickler for grammer??!?

    The W.V. is

  14. Update: I actually DO say, "Two thousand ten." I don't insert the, "and". However, it appears that whilst typing this post I inadvertently added the, "and."

    A thousand apologies.

    Do forgive me.


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