Ferg Friday: My gals.

1/07/2010 08:02:00 PM

Ferg asked that I post these pictures of her and her baby, Lila.
She feels they best illustrate her undying devotion to her bestie.
No matter where Lila is; Ferg is never more than 6 inches away.
That baby is Ferg's and she must protect her.
Bottom line.

(Blogger note: I don't pose Ferg. As you've all learned, she poses herself.
In fact, Ferg has even positioned herself more than once in the absolute most prime position so that when Lila has tumbled over, she's tumbled not on to the tile, but on to Ferg.
Ferg's the best.)


  1. Heheee! These a precious. Are dogs the greatest?

    PS - I like your zebra pillows!


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