The first bird of 2010 was in the house this morning.


UPDATE 4:11 p.m.: I will have you know that today a hummingbird (a small cute one, about the size of a gold fish. Yes, a flying goldfish), hummed right outside my door. (The same door that the woodpecker flew in this morning.)

It paused, hummed a bit, then perched on our lights.

Then, it smiled at me and said, "Hi there. I hear you're turning over a new leaf."

What a kind hummingbird.


  1. I don't understand this. Do you now have screens in Mexico?

  2. :) Indeed, we DO have screens - however many homes have both screened and un-screened doors for "seamless indoor/outdoor living". :)

    The bird always flies in the open courtyard door. (It's open for Ferg who comes and goes as she pleases.)

  3. So.... how's that making peace with birds and nature goal coming along??


  4. Ahh.. I see. I guess 'tis a sacrifice you must make for living in a gorgeous place with "seemless indoor/outdoor living" weather. Sheesh, you have it so rough. ;)

  5. The first time I saw a hummingbird I almost peed my pants. I thought it was some sort of giant, mutant insect. I screamed. My mom laughed at me.

  6. You described this bird as 'small and cute'. This is SUCH a step in the right direction. I shall buy you a hummingbird feeder today.

    Well done sister, you are on your way to an alliance with nature!

  7. Thank you, sister.

    The hummingbird WAS cute. And, who doesn't like a talking hummingbird, you know?

  8. are strong. I hate hummingbirds. They freak me out and remind me of gigantic bees. We get them in our garage all the time. The minute I hear or see it, my anxiety level goes thru the roof.


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