12/08/2009 10:52:00 AM
Everyone who feels bad for the jar of pickles that Tiger Woods has found himself in, say, "I."


I'm trying really hard not to follow this story, but it's everywhere.

And hey Fox News - when did TMZ become a credible NEWS source? (Oh...and all of the rest of you news sites, at what point did this kind of "news" start deserving front-page or prominent home-page placement? I am so over celebrities' personal lives.)

Bring on the Copenhagen climate conference updates.


  1. Ha! Leave it to Fox News. Wait... are THEY credible? I'm not so sure.

  2. Honestly, I think I feel bad for everyone except Tiger.

    His wife, his kids, all these women (yes, they were wrong too, but they didn't break any marriage vows - at least that I'm aware of), the rest of his family, family of the women, and even the PGA.

    It's all sad, really.

  3. Nope, don't feel bad for him. But I do feel bad for his wife and kids.

    And why do we always have to hear about the slimy things celebrities do? Why isn't there more national coverage on someone like Chris Spielman? He was a former OSU football player as well as a NFL player. He quit his NFL career several years ago to be with his wife when she was diagnosed with cancer. After four courageous battles, she recently passed away. He is dedicated to raising money in her name to fight breast cancer. BOTH of them were heroes.

  4. I!! If only because he is yet another product of the "No mirrors, he who has they $ wins", world we live in. And boy oh boy, don't we Americans love to build 'em up to watch 'em fall. Seems to be our favorite freak show.

    And per Fox news, the most balanced and reliable source of tabloid information, 'many' of Tiger's PGA colleagues were aware and facilitating ... having met a few of those PGA guys down here, as well as their handlers and minions, you can put a boatload of money down that the PGA guys likely own a glass house as a vacation home.

    Now that Jon Gosselin on the other hand....no sympathy.


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