The worst part about Christmas: the gifts.

12/15/2009 12:01:00 AM
Why is that during non-Christmas months I see so many possible gift ideas and think to myself, "That would be PERFECT for so-and-so", then when it's time to buy a present for so-and-so at Christmastime, I cannot for the LIFE OF ME FIGURE OUT WHAT TO BUY.


I really need to start writing these ideas down.

And I know that this probably isn't the best time to complain about living in sunny Cabo, (it was 81 degrees today), but the shopping here is atrocious.

What does this mean?

ALL shopping must be bought online and imported down... or... smuggled in.

That's it.

Everyone's getting a block of cheese for Christmas.

(There are worse things.)


  1. I love cheese!

    But I'm really leaving this comment to say that Hamper's comment is f'n weird... It reminds me of those spam emails you get that were clearly written by someone for whom english is their second or third language.

  2. I agree. I love finding that perfect gift for people, but it's hard sometimes.

    That's why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (that always seems overlooked). All the family, all the friends, all the food, etc...but none of the pressure, etc. of presents.

  3. Yeah, I really liked that Christmas at Owens when we all got a block of cheese. That was awesome.

    Cheese is great.

  4. The way I usually buy my Christmas presents are that I buy them throughout the year. That way it doesn't feel like I have to come up with the money all in one lump sum. Plus if I do see something that someone would like, I could buy it right then and there. I dedicate one month for each person. So if I'm out shopping and see something for that person, I get it for them.


  5. I, for one, would happily welcome a block of cheese for any occasion, including Christmas. YUM. Love me some cheese.

    (Also: I clicked Hampers's link and it pulled up a UK-based site selling Christmas baskets which totally crashed my computer. I smell shenanigans.)

  6. I've deleted comment #1. It was spam.


  7. I was gonna say that too, Sarah W!

    I loved when we gave cheese as a gift that year. Nothing says, "you're my good friend" like a block of cheese.

  8. That should be your signature new gift. Cheese. Cheese from Kylee. GO FOR IT! Cheesy Christmas. Nacho Christmas.

  9. YAY! I totally remember when we gave one another cheese!!!

    YAY for Owens. I love that we all met there. :)


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