MexMo: Santa at the Grocery Store.
Merry Christmas Eve Eve

12/23/2009 12:01:00 AM
As it turns out, this past Sunday when we were at C.C.C. in Cabo, (the one grocery store in town that sells Bisquick), SO WAS SANTA. (He clearly had everything ready to go for Thursday night's whirlwind trip and had some downtime on his hands...)

AND, even though Lila had just exploded and ruined her cute outfit and was wearing her substitute outfit: a onesie with no pants, we decided to put her on Santa's lap.

Go to this link to find her...

Hint: she's the only little white baby.


Ok, here's the pic.


Please note the classy fake fireplace on the left. And, realize that it was 80 degrees out. And understand that the music playing was not Christmas carols, like us Americans would think, but an up-beat Mariachi tune.

So great.


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSS! Did she like Santa? She appears to be NOT SCREAMING in this pic so I would assume yes.

    How is Shirl's visit?

  2. Why does that Santa look so forlorn? How many kids sat on his lap that day, only to find the saddest Santa Claus ever?

  3. LOVE that there was Mariachi music playing. No wonder Lila looks so bewildered. :)


  4. Absolutely adorable! Relish it while she is an soon as both of my kids hit one year they scream if we try to sit them on Santa...LOL! Last year we had their picture taken, Abbey was asleep (not even 2 months) and Evan was on a foot stool two feet away from Santa...that was as close as we could get him! haha

  5. Santa looks thrilled. Santa!

    Mariachi music + Santa (at a grocery store no less) = awesome.

  6. Makes me smile. So impressed that she's not screaming. Perhaps it was the Mariachi music that soothed her. :)


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