Lila Lunes: Five months and 3/4 weeks.

Lila says hi.

Holy cow, it's been quite a week. (It's a long update. Get a snack. Lots of pics.)

The Cupcake has been doing a lot of superman-bananas. (That's for all you P90X fans.) She's been rolling on to her stomach a lot lately. And, well - she gets stuck like a turtle and sometimes needs a boost to roll her back over to her back. However, she's gotten better at rolling both ways by herself.

Tensions are still high in our household, though. She keeps rolling on to her stomach (!!!) and getting stuck in the corner of her crib. THANK GOD for that video monitor.

Other milestone?

Little Lila was a "model" in a fashion show at San Jose Del Cabo's first ever, "Kids Arts Day Out."

See here:

Here's her outfit. Which of course, we had to buy.

Another shot:

And, The Cupcake was the recipient of her first sippy-cup this week. Here she is exploring it and the teeny, weeny amount of water that was in it.

And now...

Confessions of a Mom of an almost-six-month-old baby:

*Yes, even though the Boppy tag boldly states that it is NOT intended for babies to sleep in, Lila has slept in her boppy. More than once. More than twenty times. And, she's alive.

*Yes, when my daughter awakes in her crib, I usually let her lay there and "talk" and "sing" for approximately 15-20 minutes. (I figure she's learning, "independent play", in reality I just want 15-20 more minutes to finish whatever it was I was doing.)

*Speaking of sleeping, when she cries in her crib I no longer JUMP UP LIGHTENING-fast to get her. Instead, I wait it out... check the video monitor... wait some more... and see if she resolves the issue at hand herself.

*I don't wash everything that falls on the floor before giving it back to Lila.

*I stopped sterilizing EVERYTHING Now, every few days.

*Sometimes when she rolls on to her stomach, and is screaming, I wait a few extra seconds before helping her. Because I think it's funny. And she's got to learn how to flip herself over, right?

*Sometimes I make videos of her and instead of helping her when she needs it, I laugh.

*I've stopped reading too much. Yep, I've stopped obsessively reading about her milestones. I feel she'll get there. We keep talking to her, playing with her, singing to her and reading to her - she'll be fine.

*I love that Lila loves accessories: hats, sunglasses, bring.them.on. Next? She's getting a cell phone and a purse for Christmas.

*I adore dressing her. I'm so glad she is a girl. I can't get enough pink and ruffles. (C.'s on board with this, too.)

*My heart melts when she smiles at me. Every.single.time. And, time flies by. Five minutes of playing with her turns into 45. And, it seems like we brought her home from the hospital two weeks ago.

*I get teary-eyed whenever she grows out of anything.

*I still believe that Lila was a gift from God. Yep, as in, "Here you are. You had to wait a while, I know... Why? Because I made the perfect one just for you two."

*If C. and I are both home, both of us still get up to go into her room to "retrieve" her after a nap because it's just so cute.

On to the pictures...

Little miss Lila got rid of her pacifier at around 9 weeks... Now she's chosen an alternative: a rubber ducky.

I love this little smiler.

Love babies wearing sunglasses.

And hats...

This baby

It used to be just our sunglasses sitting on the counter...
...and then there were three...

Oh! You know when you extend your hands to a baby to hold them, and they deny you and turn in and dig their heads into their mommy? Lila did that for the first time yesterday.

I have arrived. I'm a mommy.

My heart is full.

I love that baby.

Much love.


  1. She's getting so big! I love the crooked grin with the green hat on!

  2. I love your mommy confessions. They are not bad at all, by the are a great mom. I agree with 99% of them and have done them at some point. Minus the Boppy...I had a hate relationship with mine and it quickly got discarded. I'm open to forgiving it this time around though. ;)

    Lila is such a sweet baby! I love the hats and all the smiles.

  3. I can't believe how big she's getting. It's so tear-inducing to see how happy she really is to see and talk to you.

    That's love, my friend.

  4. I Have to share with you....I'm Dri's SIL and I truly enjoy reading your blog. My daughter, who just turned three, LOVES seeing pictures of Lila too. Since she just had a birthday, she's been in the mode of asking for things for her birthday. Today when she saw the new pictures, she asked if she could "buy that baby for my birthday". "I have blankets to wrap her up and take her to my room." "That baby won't cry or spit on me." (I'm not sure where that last comment came from but I'm pretty sure Lila would do both)
    I find myself nodding along as I read your Lila updates. It makes me miss my kids as babies. Treasure every moment, even the tough ones! They get too big too fast! Keep up the great blogging and thanks for bringing many smiles to my face.

  5. OMG -- what a great post. Wonderful pictures (after almost every one, I said in my head, "That's my favorite," and then I had a new favorite in about five seconds). Cried through almost the whole thing.

    I'm so happy for you, my dear friend. :)

  6. Jeez she looks like Micah in about 50% of those pix!

    Also, your "etsy eye" is no longer just on baby yes, you are a mommy, but also K is showing her face again!!

    It's sooooo great to watch you become the well-rounded mom you've been become, not surprising at all mind you, just a FUN.


  7. I have an off subject question.

    Why, pray tell, did YouTube tell me that this: Now You Know {Nick Jonas Love Story} Chapter 4, is related to your Lila videos?

  8. Sounds like she had a busy week!

    Your confessions are appreciated.

    Does this mean that she will be six months old next week? Holy cow!

    Stay precious, Lila!

  9. So, after watching the first video I think you are going to have a crawler on your hands before long. Yes...the first time she fell over. But, the second time she was looking to be on the move. Watch out, Mommy!

  10. She DOES look like Micah! Modeling career, here we come!

    I also love that her hair is getting curly. EEEEEEEEEEE! she is so cute.

  11. Every bit of that post was endearing!!! while I really can't rate my favorites, the video of her sitting up and then falling actually IS my favorite... however, it is because of Miss Ferg- her face and posture had me cracking up and once again, KNOWING she is part human, human sister! LOVE IT! Thank you so much- miss you and is there ANY way to get a Christmas card out to you guys?

  12. that picture of her trying to get the sippy cup in her face is HILARIOUS

    ...and we also let our kid sleep in the boppy sometimes. AND the swing. bad parents, bad!

  13. So sweet! I'm a Mommy just ahead of you and it is fun to see you reach the mile stones! I like the videos.

  14. Hehe... superman-bananas. :)

    She is just precious, as always.

  15. She is adorable! Love the sunglasses!

  16. Oh my goodness... I LOVE these posts! Lila is getting to be such a big girl - so beautiful! :)

    I just had my first experience with Kennedy growing out of the 0-3 month clothes. I totally teared up too. Can't BELIEVE she's already growing out of things!

    I don't read info on milestones... I just check in on where Lila's at and go from there! :)

  17. Great pics!!! My favorite is her chill'n in the bath with her foot up on the side! awesome.


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