Lila Lunes: 5.5 months old.

12/07/2009 12:01:00 AM
Note: I fear that my Lila Lunes updates are getting a titch too lengthy, so I shortened it this week since nothing too eventful happened.

The Cupcake is always hanging out of the side of her Bumbo Seat.
She refuses to miss anything.

So, Lila started squeaking this week.
Like a bird.
It's great.
Youtube video to come...

This age is fun. Lila is fun. She literally smiles all.of.the.time. (Ask my cousin and her fiance who just visited. Their faces hurt from being forced to constantly smile at my daughter.)

Lila loves when she encounters a return-smiler... it merely encourages her to continue on in her smile-off. And note, she ALWAYS wins.

Ah... she's fun.

So yeah, I think this is one of those, "no news is good news" posts. Lila's great. Craig's great. I'm great. Christmas is just days away... WE.ARE.HAPPY.

I LOVE this age.

Let's get to the pictures.
Lila's new favorite toys: her fabric books.
Lila's current favorite hobby: smiling
Combine them and you get a cute photo.

Ah yes, here are the besties in the yard.
Note: Lila is wearing a hat crocheted by her Auntie Wrestling Kitties and a sleeper from her cousin, Mick.

(She had just woken up. So naturally, I put her outside in the courtyard and took her picture.)

Close up of Aunt W.K.'s hat.
(It's so cute, J.!)

(Yep, another one.)

Me and my baby.

Have a good week!


  1. Darling hat. Darling dog. Darling baby. Darling mama. ADORABLE!

    (I cannot believe she is five-and-a-half months old. CANNOT. Where has the time gone?!)

    (It snowed at my house today. Lila would fit right in all bundled up like that. :))

  2. Tres cute!

    That Aunt Wrestling Kitties is talented! I can't wait for my kid to wear her creations.

  3. so. damn. cute.
    can't. stand. it.
    that's all. :)

  4. i LOVE these pics. it's pretty cute to see the post-nap Lila!!
    i love this hat, it's awesome.

  5. She's so happy! I love it!

    You think that in her five and a half month old mind, Lila wears that hat and thinks, 'Damn, it feels good to be a gansta?'

  6. Can I just tell you that I can't believe she's almost to her 1/2 birthday?

    I wish I was closer so I could make her a 1/2 cake too.

  7. Look at all those big smile pictures!! I love it!!

    I am SO glad that the hat fits and that she enjoys wearing it! I was worried about the size as I have never made anything so tiny before!! She looks too adorable and totally ready for the winter months of Mexico! ;)

    (let me know when she grows out of it, I have ideas for other hats!)

  8. I greatly enjoy her perpetual gangsta lean in the bumbo seat.

  9. Those pictures could win contests Kylee, seriously. So cute


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