Interesting ETSY perspective.

12/17/2009 04:18:00 PM
Read this article here... "That Hobby Looks Like a Lot of Work"

It appears that the most successful on etsy truly are working their little crocheted mittens off.

Very interesting article. Thoughts?


  1. WOW! HOLY CRAP! $140,000 in one year... from knitting! I need to lead how to do this!

  2. OOooo! As an Etsy shop-owner myself, I agree with the gist of this article!

    I run my Etsy shop not for profit, but for fun. I get a kick out of making what I make and it pleases me that other people like it enough to buy it. It's the highest compliment.

    I like creating when I'm creating at a leisurely pace. I would hate it if I had to produce my work in an assembly line fashion, cranking out X number of product in a day. I create when I have time to do it, when it's MY time to do it. If crafting became my "work day" I wouldn't get much enjoyment out of it.

    There are a LOT of people on Etsy who have the notion that their stores are going to be instant hits and that they are going to be able to quit their day jobs. I will admit I fantasized about that when I first opened my shop. But then I realized that if I truly wanted to make serious profit out of my work then I'd have to price it higher and I'd have to invest a lot more time in marketing myself at craft shows and online. I just don't have that extra time on my hands right now. And even if I did, I really don't think I'd enjoy it as much. Crafting, for me, is fun because it's a hobby. If it were a job, it would be just that: a job.

  3. wow, I don't think I could or would want to turn my crocheting into a fulltime job. I am having a hard enough time getting through all the gifts I am making for christmas, I would not want to do it more than I am. Plus after a few hours my hands are tired, knitting 13 hours....ridiculous.

    I agree with Wendy, it is a hobby for a reason...I would not want to turn my relaxing hobby into a fulltime job!


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