I want to like birds. I really do.

As I told my sister and a friend last week, I have a very antagonistic relationship with nature.

(I'm trying to work on that.)

To make matters worse, birds enter my home at least twice a week. (And proceed to WIG me [and the Ferg] out.)

However, if birds like this came into my home, all cute and soft and puffy-like, I'd throw down the welcome mat instead of my fist.

So cute. HERE on Etsy. $6.

Note: I will NEVER like seagulls, hawks or cranes or anything like that. They're terrible.

Additional note: Yesterday, I was privy to a conversation between Ferg and Craig.

Craig to Ferg: "You really need to start scaring the birds away. Are we going to have to get a cat and get rid of you? Or, do you need a cat suit? To be more brave?"

Ferg: listened.

Then, approximately 30 seconds later a BIRD was approaching our doors and Ferg RAN OUTSIDE and got rid.of.that.bird.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: My dog is part human. She clearly doesn't want a cat suit.


  1. I love bird things...prints, etc. And I love the aviary at the zoo.

    But, if one were to fly into my house, I'd freak out too.

  2. I had a pet bird once. It was mean. Then it died of some kind of crazy beak fungus. BEAK FUNGUS! Good riddance.

  3. That is awesome! Gotta love that Ferg.

  4. Eggggggsactly. I do not like ACTUAL birds, but drawings of birds, I like.

  5. Things I've learned about birds:
    -Love birds have a rotten name. They bite large pieces of skin off.
    -Do NOT feed a pelican Gardetto's. They will attack you.
    - I'm afraid of big baby birds. One got in my car, was staring at me from my arm rest, so I ran SCREAMING for Louis or Debbie to get it out.

    The more you know.

  6. HAHAAA! Hilarious. You are funny, K.

    Not that I'm trying to make light of your bird hatred... I feel the same way about...uh, well, maybe Neil Diamond? I have a major aversion to him. What? Not the same thing since he doesn't enter my house weekly? Awe well. I tried to relate. :)

  7. Um, I am SO WITH YOU on the bird hatred. They are horrid. The fact that they're attacking your home is just further proof.

    I am SO PROUD of Ferg that she A) listened to C. and B) overcame her fears and defended the homestead. Go on with your bad self, Ferg.

    (AB: I would have FREAKED OUT in that scenario. I'm so glad you're still alive.)

  8. That bird is cute. However, birds in nature could potentially swoop down and get caught in your hair. NOT cool.


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