(I refuse to call them, "Holiday" cards.)

12/10/2009 09:39:00 AM

May the record state that I have always been a supporter of the United States Postal Service and any written correspondence. (I'm a letter-writer and a thank you card-writer.)

That said, I'm curious to know how many of you are sending out Christmas cards this year given a.) the cost of a stamp and b.) the recession.

I'll more than likely send some out, however I don't see how they'll arrive before Christmas, given the fact that I can't MAIL from Mexico. (If any of you are interested in labeling, stamping and sending my photo Christmas cards, give me a shout.)

Where do you stand with Christmas cards.
I already sent mine.
I always send them out and I will this year.
I decided against sending them this year.
I never send them.
I don't care.
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  1. I already sent mine. Fujifilm was having an offer for 50 free photo cards...I jumped on that. It may still be going on actually...the site was www.seehere.com and the promo code is "newbaby". You could try it???

  2. I tried in vain to convince my husband to send out photo cards this year -- he was foursquare against it. :( Boo! So we'll probably send out the boring old traditional CHRISTMAS (not "holiday"; I hate that, too) cards. I think we've slacked the last two years, but it's time to get back on the train. :)

  3. I love sending cards at this time of the year. It's a diversion for me, something that always makes me happy. Like rolling change. :)
    Perhaps when stamps get to be over 75 cents I'll rethink. (I have no idea why this seems to be my cutoff cost. )

  4. You should be getting one in the mail soon! :-)


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