Finally, someone's on my side.

12/17/2009 12:03:00 AM
I have always said that women should never, EVER wear necklaces with halter-necklines and now, finally, I have TIM GUNN on my side.

In this months' Marie Claire, Mr. Gunn talks about necklaces:

"Necklace style selections should be based entirely upon the neckline of your garment. Admittedly, it's a tricky, but I have a few suggestions. Higher necklines -- crew, turtleneck -- work best with an opera length (26 to 36 inches), which offers versatility as a single strand, a double or knotted. Plunging necklines are best served by a princess length (17 to 19 inches). Strapless calls for a chocker or a princess style. And halters or one-shoulders call for nothing. In the case of hte latter, let your earrings provide the bling."

(Yes. I DID just write a post about my annoyance with halter tops and necklaces.)


  1. I'm not even very fashion conscious and I thought these were kind of given! Good to know I wasn't far off.... and you just gotta love Tim Gunn.

  2. You know, I feel that most people shouldn't even wear halters. It's so easy to screw them up with bras and accessories, and too many people just wind up looking ho-ish.

  3. Oh, I'm TOTALLY on your side too! (You just never asked!) :)

    um...not word verification is "niastepoo" nasty-poo???

  4. I couldn't agree more with everyone! Also, I love this thought from a very good source (I believe it was Audrey Hepburn)..."before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and remove one thing" (ok this doesn't mean your pants, lol). Sometimes people really over accessorize!

  5. Lauren, I've heard that before, too! What a great piece of advice.

    AthenaBee - I like halters, I really do. I love shoulders, though...

    Sarah - that was an awful word verification. Eek. :)

    Quiet Oasis - I know, Tim Gunn is the best, right? (How are you feeling these days?)

  6. YAY! I did the right thing with my halter wedding dress. *phew*

    And, my earrings were very bling.

    I ♥ Tim Gunn.

  7. I am feeling muuuuuch better these days! Pregnancy going well and uneventful. The foot is healing up.... still practicing walking. Otherwise, life is good! Thanks for asking!

  8. Good post! I like the names of the lengths of necklaces - had NO IDEA!


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