Ferg Friday: The Unhappy Elf Version.

12/18/2009 09:07:00 AM

And lo and behold, our annual tradition of forcing The Ferg to wear her Christmas elf hat.

Would you look at that...

She still hates it!
Ferg says, "Merry Christmas."

(Note the lack of an exclamation point. Why? She hates that hat.)


  1. TOO CUTE!! Love the little elf ears.

    Tucker would NEVER let us put anything on his head. I tried an eye patch for halloween one (pirate)... he ate it.

  2. Sometimes I wish Ferg had her own blog.... ;)

  3. So adorable! Agree -- the ears (and her expression of distaste) are my favorite part. :)

    Coming soon: An equally unhappy Bubba in his Christmas finery.

  4. Love the pic. That Ferg...maybe one year she finally reconcile with the hat.

  5. I am imagining Ferg as a reindeer now. "On Dasher, on Dancer, On Ferginator...."


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