12/16/2009 09:30:00 AM
BOTH sets of lights on both of my mini Christmas trees are mysteriously BURNT OUT. (I blame Mexico.)

I'm not kidding. (I cried a little yesterday.)

Why did I cry? All the other pre-lit white Christmas trees are SOLD OUT and I'm fearful that I'm going to have to put a string of GREEN lights on my WHITE tree and IT'S REALLY HARD TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE CHRISTMAS WHEN IT'S 81 DEGREES OUT.


AND, I will have to UN-DECORATE my ALREADY DECORATED TREES so that I CAN RE-LIGHT THEM thus frustrating the whole Christmas tree-decorating experience.


(I hope you understand the gravity of the situation. I attempted to use ALL-CAPS to really hit my message home.)

Now, I understand that Jesus is the reason for the season, but I feel that even Jesus thought my trees were pretty when they were lit, as opposed to just sadly sitting there all dim and stuff.

Stay tuned.
I hope to have a positive outcome soon.


  1. if this white tree is an annual thing, I'm HAPPY to send you the box of white-string clear lights I accidently bought at Target in the mad rush to get the white lights before all the other crazies. EVERYWHERE in Chicago is sold out of lights

  2. You are mahvelous! I hope everything works out!

  3. I've always wondered if it's hard to get into the spirit when it's hot as all hades outside.

  4. Ugh! Bummer! I blame Mexico too. Maybe Christmas lights aren't cut out for that warm weather!

  5. I laughed and then nodded at the idea that Jesus approved of your tree. I firmly believe that He did. :)

    Trying to think of alternative lighting sources for you. Too bad candles are such a fire hazard. Boo. Maybe you could tie fireflies to your tree by their legs? That doesn't sound cruel and unusual...

  6. COUSIN - yes! Please hang on to that box of white string clear lights for me! Shirley's looking for some for me right now and hopefully can bring some down. If not, I may need you to send 'em.



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