Yes, just like everyone else I'm wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

11/26/2009 10:04:00 AM

(Don't you wonder how many people are using the word, "Thanksgiving" in their Facebook status updates and their tweets today?)

Below is a list of stuff I'm thankful for:

H - Hair. I'm glad I have hair.
A - Air. I'm glad I have air.
P - Patience. I'm thankful for the patience that I've learned since Lila.
P - Parent. I'm so pleased that Craig and I are parents this year.
Y - Yarn. I'm thankful there's yarn for crocheting.

T - Time. I'm thankful for the time I get to spend with my family today at my sister's house.
H - Hope. I'm thankful for hope.
A - Animals. Yay for Nattie and Ferg.
N - Nordic Tracks. (I couldn't think of an, "N".)
K - Kisses. Hershey's, Craig's, Lila's, Ferg's...
S - Shirley. I'm grateful for my Mom.
G - Growing. From plants to hearts. I'm thankful for growth.
I - I love my family.
V - Vegetable Beef soup. (Yum.)
I - I love blogging.
N - Nesting.
G -God. Yep. Just like a rapper who won a grammy, I'm thankful for my relationship with God. Only difference? I mean it.

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  1. I love you. "Hair. I'm thankful I have hair." Heehee.


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