Word of the day: Rue

11/19/2009 12:05:00 AM
I've always heard the phrase, "rue the day", as in, "She'll rue the day she got that terrible perm," (see left), however I had never really ever known the exact definition of, "rue."

So, here is the PSA of the day (Public Service Announcement):

Rue (pronounced, "roo" - as in kangaroo), is an Old English and Germanic origin verb and it means to bitterly regret. (It's also a noun meaning repentance or regret.)

Usage example: After she ate 23 mini Milky Way candy bars one would think she might rue her decision.

And there you go.


  1. Pulling off a perm AND a mullet takes a special kind of gal. Love that picture. :)

  2. there are all kinds of wrong going on in that picture

  3. I love the word Rue because it sounds so forceful when you say you "rue" something.

    P.S. fancy picture. I had something very similar....I will be posting it soon with a series of other pictures from when I was younger entitled: The Hair Styles of Jenn H.: Subtitle: Why Did My Parents Hate Me As A Child.


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