Which stocking for The Cupcake?

11/04/2009 09:59:00 PM
As it turns out I'm looking for a super-cute, personalized stocking for The Cupcake.
Which do you like?
Do you have any cuter ideas?
I'm very open to suggestions that are affordable.
I'd hate to have to cut off Lila's arm in exchange for an uber-cute stocking.

B - Needlepoint Stocking. On sale for $14.99 (Reg $39.)

C - Knit Christmas Stocking. $58
(I like the middle one)

E - Knit Snowman. $29.

I vote that you buy The Cupcake the following stocking:
None of the above - I'll suggest something cute for you in the comments
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  1. Knitted stockings will probably last longer. I've had mine since I was a kid - Grandma made it!

    PS the knitted ones also stretch better for more(and odd shapped0 goodies!

    As a general rule, you should be able to reach your ENTIRE are in the thing ;-) In my opinion an way hahaha.

  2. The last one, I voted for...I think it might be pottery barn or the like- I love.. It is knitted, it can be personalized, and it is the most similar i have found to the ones I grew up with which have always been my favorite! (also those are the same ones we have, Anna & I have the same "pattern", Andy & Grant the same, and Louis had his own "pattern"!) I totally agree with Erika Jean... The knitted ones will last and stretch and hold way more!!!! Have fun- this is the best! :) hehehe!

  3. I like the knitted one too. Mine is knitted and has lasted 31 years and is still going strong.

    And it's true about them being better for odd-shaped gifts.



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