Today's Inappropriate Trivia

11/24/2009 12:05:00 AM
The other day I asked my sister what the little, round, hard thing in the middle of an avocado actually was actually called.

She promptly googled it and gave me the response below:

It's a seed and, "the parts of a seed are the plumule and the radicle".

Who knew?

She then proceeded to ask me, "Did you know that the name avocado comes from the aztec name which means testicle tree?"


Indeed I did not.

Here's the page where she found said info.

And most importantly, here's the photo that was displayed on that page:

And that, my friends, was today's inappropriate triva.


  1. Isn't there an email that got forwarded around comparing fruit to all sorts of body parts. I'm SURE we've gotten it...

  2. Who knew ancient civilizations were so racy?

  3. Now the idea of making guacamole just feels wrong. Like I'm taking away the avocado's manhood.


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