So I was rocking Lila the other day...

11/11/2009 12:05:00 AM
The Cupcake is not big on being rocked for too long. She's busy. She's got things to do. (Wonder where she gets that from...) So when I get an opportunity to just sit and be still with her, I jump on it.

This particular rocking I'm speaking of was at around 11 p.m. or so and she was just precious.
She was smiling, smiling and smiling while I fed her.
(In the glow of the Lava lamp she's even cuter.)
She was so snuggly and sweet.

Anywho, I was just chatting with Lila. I was telling her how much I loved her and how pleased I was that she was mine. I was telling her how absolutely wanted she was and how she'll never have to doubt how loved she is by her Daddy and I.

Then I thought...

"Hmmm.... I betcha Shirley (my Mom) had this same conversation with me some 3o years ago..."


I can't wait for Lila to have that experience with my grandbaby.

Motherhood is cool.


  1. I would like to know your mom's perspective on what it's like for HER to see Lila.

  2. What a lovely moment, and what a lovely thought. :)

  3. I am smiling while reading this.

    What a special moment to share. Lila is one lucky girl to have an amazing mom such as yourself. And how special to realize something coming full circle :)

  4. How wonderful! I've thought this very same thing...I have the rocking chair my mom rocked me in when I was a baby. I think about my mom everytime I rock Abbey. Luckily Abbey let's me snuggle her...Evan never really did (until now, thankfully he is now a snuggler).

    I agree, motherhood is the best thing in the whole world. Lila is so lucky to have you!


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