11/17/2009 12:05:00 AM

There are a lot of terrible first names out there.
Dreadful names.
Not to mention awful last names.
(I recently saw the last name, "Crapo" on google. Um. Yikes.)
It's like you're starting out life in the hole, you know?

So - what's your name?
Do you like it?
Would you ever change it?
My name is Kylee and I've actually always liked it. (Except for when I was a kid and I could never find any personalized pencils or pens, hair barrettes, toothbrushes or anything cool with my name on it.) Now, I like the name and the spelling, too.

Do you like your name?
Yes. I do.
Eh, it's ok.
No, I hate it.
I've never thought about it.
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  1. I like my first last name is fine but no one can spell it or pronounce it...conversation piece to say the least. :-)

  2. My first name is Amber and I like it now. I, too, had a hard time finding anything personalized back in the day. There was only one other Amber in my whole school, which was cool. I'm glad I wasn't a 'Sarah' or 'Jenny'.

    I hated my last name. No one could spell it or pronounce it. When I tried to tell someone how to spell or pronounce my name, they usually argued with me, which was fun.

  3. My name thing is very complicated. My parents named me Jennifer but from the day I was born they have called me Jamie. I like Jamie, I HATE Jennifer. No one knows that my name is secretly actually not Jamie. Plus the state won't let me change my name without going to court. So when employers or MY GRANDMOTHER write checks to "Jamie" I can't cash them. And I think the payroll department hates me. It's very confusing. Moral of story- name your kid what you are going to actually call them.

  4. i like my name. i was always the only Traci in school -- and of course, my mom had to make it more difficult my ending it with an "i" and not a "y" or "ey" .... it still makes me crazy when people spell my name wrong. :)

    I also LOVE my middle name - Leigh. :)

  5. Gotta tell ya, growing up as Nadja Rhea Stephanoff anywhere but Eastern Europe is pretty tough. It wasn't TOO bad living in Detroit, (where my BFF's name was Manju) but moving to Dundee, MI SUCKED. No one could say it or spell it, and you wouldn't believe how often people assume I don't speak English. (At a wedding some one obviously assumed Louis had gotten himself a Russian bride.) I got called Nausea for a long time, and I answer to everything from Nadia to Natasha to Natalie.

    I've come to accept it now, but I wish my parents hadn't allowed it to become Americanized away from the correct pronounciation. At least then I wouldn't have been called Nausea.

  6. "Except for when I was a kid and I could never find any personalized pencils or pens, hair barrettes, toothbrushes or anything cool with my name on it.'

    Ughhh I had that same problem. I'm Erika with a K(spelled the German way), and it is rare to find that stuff but every once and a while I'd come across it.

  7. My name is Shannon. I was not fond of it when I was young; it wasn't "girly" (it could actually be a boy's name, too -- GROSS!) and I always wished it was something like "Ashley." Then once I got to high school, I got into the Irishness of it and appreciated the fact that it was one of the few girls' names that ended in a consonant. (Also, it means "small and wise." I enjoy that.)

    My middle name is my mom's first name. I like it fine. Although the only time I ever heard it was when I was in trouble...

  8. My name is Michelle. And I like it. I've never not liked it.

    When I was first born my name only had one "L". Three days later my parents went to court to have it changed to have two "L's" because they thought people would spell it wrong my whole life. When I was in junior high I thought I would be super cool if I started spelling my name with one "L" again. And I totally was.

  9. It's a thing with Sarahs )or Saras)... "H" or no "H"?

    Of course, WITH an "H" is the correct way. Duh.

    Last name? Well, I'm quite glad to be rid of Hemp and to adopt Wilson... for obvious reasons. :)

  10. My name's Wendy and I've always liked it. My parents named me Wendy from a song they liked. I always thought that was cool. My middle name is Kay because my mom's name is Karen, so they played off that.

    I love it when parents are original with naming their children. I love old-fashioned names or names that are unique but not so out there that the child will have a hard time with it.

  11. My name is Craig and I've always liked it. It's simple and can't be shortened to anything.

    Craig is also my mothers maiden name.

    My middle name, Ross, is my Grandmothers maiden name and Lila's middle name.

    My last name has never been pronounced correctly but i like it.

  12. I am called Mickey- always, it is what I consider to be "me". My legal full name is Amy Michele, dad used to claim it was after Mickey Mantle- but they needed to give me a girly name for my future- If I had been a boy- Tug, Another baseball player. Now the story has faded to it being short from Michele. Who knows but I feel I am Mickey- and do not answer or respond well to Amy. I guess I am in a similar situation as 'Grumbles" :) good question!!

  13. Aw Jennifer's get a bad rap :( Damn you 70's/80's for wanting to use the name Jennifer for everyone!

    I actually LOVE my name, as common as it may be. My mom told me it was between Jessica and Jennifer. I don't feel like I would have made a good Jessica.

    I also enjoy that there are variations to my name, I enjoy shortened versions of people's names. I go by Jenn 98% of the time. Jennifer if I am doing anything formal. And here is a little secret. I use to tell people I HATED the name Jennie because I didn't want people calling me that because I felt like I was 5. But honestly my parents, sister and even T. call me Jennie at times. And now that my friends have kids we always get referred to as Uncle Terry and Aunt Jennie....I love that :)


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