MexMo: Walkin'

11/12/2009 06:32:00 PM
All ready to go.
I got my smile on.
Let's walk.

We walked QUITE a distance today.
My least favorite part of the walk? The incline. The stroller handle was at my forehead as I struggled pushed up hill and the whole time I was thinking,
"Yep, if I let go - I'm losing my baby and my dog. How am I going to explain that to C.?"
My second least favorite part of the walk?
This stupid winding sidewalk.
Let's just walk straight already.

Ferg literally made it 2 blocks.
Then the basket underneath the stroller apparently called her name.
She peeks her head out whenever a dog barks in her direction, though.
She's social.

And the objective was met.
Sleeping baby.


  1. There is NOTHING reasonable about that winding sidewalk. I think someone was trying to be funny.

    I love that the Ferg just wants to ride, she is a smart girl!

    And yay for sleeping baby and hopefully giving mommy time to chill out after a long stroll.

  2. Cute! I love the two pics of Lila. Awake. Sleeping.

  3. OMG!! How funny that Ferg climbs in the little basket! Love it

  4. Um, YOU have one cute baby and one cute puppy. SO cute. I LOVE that they both enjoy walks, particularly the part where they ride in the stroller and make you do all the work. :)

    Also: That winding sidewalk is ridiculous. I mean, really?

  5. I love how Ferg climbed in the basket to take a load off. Smart cookie!


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