MexMo: I'm taking orders.

11/12/2009 12:05:00 AM
I can appreciate a good Jesus candle. In fact, I love that there is a 3 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall, "Jesus and the Saints" candle section in our local grocery store.

You can imagine my delight when I stumbled across these appropriate [insert quizzical look here] collectibles: Jesus mugs.

Yes, that's right kids, that would be Jesus in various poses, (with and without his disciples) for the low, low price of about $2.00 USD at the grocery store.

I truly cannot even imagine drinking out of a Jesus mug.

Would lightening [God] strike you?

Totally sacrilegious. Eek.


  1. I love Jesus and God, but Jesus pictures (esp the white man Jesus) just freak me right the heck out. So this is my official announcement that I DO NOT want a Jesus mug for Christmas. :)

  2. So, let's say that I were to get one of these cups. Now let's say I fill said cup with water. Which is more likely:

    A) my water is now holy, or
    B) it turns into wine.

    Any takers?

  3. Is it right for me to be laughing at a picture of Jesus? Because I'm not laughing AT JESUS -- just whoever decided to put his image on a cup. That's OK...right?

  4. I will take two~! One with his disciples and one without please! Great gifts for my pastor and his wife..... lol

  5. It's probably lead paint. I'll pass. haha. Funny stuff!

  6. may I please have the Sermon on the Mount Jesus mug, the baptism of Jesus mug and the Resurrection of Jesus mug....I think that should complete my collection.

    SP: I think if you were to get one of these cups, chances are you would fill it with water then accidently knock it over and break the cup and then, well I don't want to say after that.

  7. The water to wine comment CRACKED me up.


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