Lila Lunes: She's FIVE months old.
Alternate title: "L" is for "Loud"

Lila says, "Hey..."

Yep. This past week was a big one in the, "B" household.

As it turns out, Lila LOVES to talk/sing/yell. Check it out. (Doesn't it make you totally want to have four of these?)

Q. How's Lila?
A. Well, she's been better. Our little Cupcake has a bit of a cold. It's our first experience with illness in a baby and well, it's terrible. To watch your little sweetie pie cough and sneeze and cough and sneeze is pretty tough. (At least this first time around.)

Q. Did you take Lila to the doctor?
A. Um, of course. She went on Saturday and thankfully the Dr. said her lungs sound clear and since she doesn't have a fever, it looks like she just has the, "Cabo Cough" that is going around.

Q. Is Lila getting better?
A. I think so! We'll see how tonight (Sunday night) goes... Saturday night wasn't so hot.

Here's my sick Cupcake on Saturday morning after the both of us had gotten, oh, I don't know... four hours of sleep? Poor thing.

Don't you just want to snuggle that little cutie?

Q. How is Lila eating?
A. She's was doing very well before she got The Cough. She eats everything she can get her mouth on. Even the tray on her bumbo seat. She also tried bananas this week. Watch the video. Her face cracked me up.

So, earlier in the week Lila hung out with her cousin, Bella. Here they are at Bella's house sitting in Bella's little seats. Um. Cute. I cannot wait until they can play together. (Bella's will be 2 in January.)

Here's Bella all excited that, "Eye-lah" was sitting next to her!

Bell liked Lila's strawberry shoes.

And I love this one. Click on it. They're both so excited to see one another.

Here's Lila all ready for bed. (Posing with Lola Bunny from Chloe.)
(She kept licking the bunny then making a terribly hilarious face. I kept saying, "Hey sister, its a STUFFED animal. You're licking fur. " However, nothing deters The Cupcake.)

And, we had some time to kill... so I thought I'd pose Lila with her stuffed animals.
She was a fantastic sport.

Lila's done a lot of resting this week.
Here she is swinging in the courtyard.

Sleeping is precious.

So are baby hands.

Our family is helping some friends out with a Flat Stanley project. He was sent to us and we need to take him to different places in Cabo and take his picture. Unfortunately, with Lila being under the weather, we haven't gotten out much. We will later this week. 'Till then, here's Stanley and Lila in the kitchen.

I can't get over these bath pictures.

Sticking her tongue out aids her concentration.
(She gets this from her Daddy.)

Sometimes it's just easier to bathe in the sink.
(Note, it usually grosses me out to have Lila be in the sink, however, she sitting on her actual bath seat, NOT the sink. I can handle that. And, well... I make certain the sink is ABSOLUTELY clean before we go there.)

And finally, I was folding laundry and Lila liked wearing my robe.

She says, "Bye" and, "Have a fantastic Thanksgiving."

Take care, all of you. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.


  1. that post was jam-packed with cuteness! i hope that this awful cold soon passes. hugs to the little one.

  2. LOVE the denim hat in the first picture. COULD NOT BE CUTER in the last photos wearing your robe. Your daughter makes the greatest faces. :)

    Hope she feels better very soon! Love you all.

  3. Blech on the sickness. It's so hard when they're that tiny and you have to feel so freakin helpless.

    I ADORE the nostril flare over the bananas.

  4. The banana video was too funny! Her face was hilarious and I loved when you said it looked disgusting! Love it!


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