Lila Lunes: It was a busy week

11/02/2009 12:05:00 AM
My little cupcake was super-fun this week. I don't know what it is, but she just can't stop smiling. She's starting to laugh and being her mom is just I feel like she's really starting to become, "Lila." Whatever that is.

Q. How is La-la-la-Lila?
A. Superb. She's happy. Her grandma and grandpa are in town this week and she's pleased about it. Here she is at the pool on her Grandma's lap.

Q. How big is Lila?
A. Well, at a bit over 4 months old she weighs a modest 14.5 lbs. We go to the doctor soon and I'll get more stats then. I'm not sure how long she is... but I do know that she has a long torso. (This will making purchasing one-pieces in the future tough.)

Q. Is Lila eating solid food yet?
A. Nope. However, we tested a spoon out on her this week and We're going to give cereal a shot this week, I think. (I can see my sister smiling as she reads this. :) I can't believe it's already time to get her high chair out. Insane. I'm not too pumped about moving on to solids. In fact, I'd rather just do the breastfeeding. I imagine life is about to get a bit more complicated.

Q. Did Lila dress up for Halloween?
A. Indeed, she did. First, she was a piece of sushi. Specifically, a salmon sashimi.

Those are chopsticks sticking out of the "seaweed".

Next, she was a pumpkin. :) (Her other arm is lost inside.)

Then, she wore a super-cute pumpkin bib from Aunt J. in Toledo.

Next, she wore this GREAT ghost bib, also from Aunt J. I love the little ghost's feet.

Next, she wore her pumpkin outfit - which she loved. Um, how cute is this?

Senior Picture pose

On-the-side senior picture pose

Annoyed-that-I-keep-taking-pictures pose

Finally, we had three trick-or-treaters. (My niece Chloe (far right) and her besties Brisa (middle) and Marianna (left).) Lila was soooo happy to see them. She loves the girls.

Ok, more pictures... because it really was a pictures-kind-of-week. :)

Lila and her best friend. (Wearing the newest headband from Aunt T.)

I believe she just asked, "What choo talkin' bout, Willis?"

Smiling during our morning walk.

I love this face. And that baby.

Here she is with, "Lola Bunny," a gift from cousin, Chloe.
(Lila's first, "Build-a-bear".)

These next several pics CRACKED me up. C. took them at the pool at the resort with the grandparents. Lila was just straight funny.

(A nod to Elton John.)

Have a great week, ya'll!
kb & lb


  1. Umm...I'm quite certain Miss Lila should win that little Gap campaign.

  2. haha, I love the Elton John photos- classic! She sounds like she is having so much fun just being a little bean.

    ps I'm back at work today and you're killing me with these baby pictures yo, killing me.

  3. What a cute little punkin! :-)

  4. Ba-Ba-Ba-Benny and the Jetts! That's the best Elton John impersonator I've ever seen. Certainly the cutest!

    I think it's great how many photos you have of her. Keep 'em coming.

  5. I actually LOL'd at the Elton John pictures. :) What a ham. LOVE it.

    Ky, I can totally see you in some of those ornery faces she's making now. So much fun; SO CUTE.

  6. AHHHAHAHA! That sushi roll is the BEST. Love it. Too cute.

  7. lots o' pics made me chuckle this week, but i tell you what... that last pic of c and lila melted my heart. you can tell they've already formed a mutual admiration society! :)

  8. Those halloween outfits are too much, I LOVE them! And by the looks of it, little Lila loves them too!!

  9. 1) SUSHI!!!!!!!!!! Too cute

    2) Chlo and her friends are cute (her friends look like they are in high school! omg)

    3) I love that Lila had a for real "costume change"

    4) The word verification is furboy


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