Lila Lunes
I think we're meeting the real Lila

Lila Ross... just days away from 5 months.

Our little Cupcake is a mere five days away from turning five months old. No foolin'. I'm shocked, too.

I alerted C. to our daughter's impending age milestone and he stated that he refuses to acknowledge it. He, like me, prefers that she remain a baby forever.

Q. How'd the vaccinations go this past week?
A. Um. One word: FANTASTIC. Our wee-one was getting some regular vaccinations and literally did not even let out a whimper when she was poked with that big 'ole needle. She, as I stated on my facebook status, is a warrior.

Q. Did Little Miss Lila eat cereal this past week?
A. Absolutely. It went well! For the first experience with rice cereal she swallowed about 5 spoons full...maybe. By Sunday, she ate a bit more than a TEASPOON of cereal. She's a pro already. I eat my Quaker Oats oatmeal. She eats her cereal. We're a pair.

Here's the little lady right before she had her first bite of, "arroz," (rice) cereal.

(Tell me you didn't laugh at that, "Bring it." face...)

The first bite.

Here's a video of her first experience with cereal. This is actually the second video... by the time this one was taken, she was pretty much over it.

And, see? Now she's a pro.

Random CUPdates
: (Get it? "Cupcake" + "Updates" = CUPdates." HA! See? This is what C. has to live with.)
  • I think we're starting to get to know Lila's personality. She never (ever) sits still. I mean, EVER. She's constantly moving: her feet, her legs, her arms. And, she's always talking, yelling, exclaiming... It's becoming clearer to us: we think we're in trouble. Lila's going to be very... busy... we think. (I had so hoped she was going to be calm like her Daddy...)
  • Lila & Ferg are becoming closer by the day. At this point, whenever she sees that Ferg is approaching, she opens her mouth (wide open) and waits for Ferg to give her an open mouth kiss. Gross? Yes. Precious? Yes. These two little beings are inseparable already. Just as I wanted it to be.
  • Lila is super into doing raspberries/spitting this week. (Yes, she's a lady.)

  • And well, here's Lila just being cute.

So, here are some pics from the past week.

Lila watching the OSU game with her Daddy.
(She is transfixed by the TV.)

A nod to the classic movie, FAME.

Fun jeans.

Love how you can see her face in the book's mirror.

Dressed up and ready to go down to Cabo on Friday.

Lila's hair when brushed Donald-Trump-straight. Jealous?

And finally, here's Lila's room. Sorry it's taken me this long to get these photos up.

And, my second fave pic of the week:

And, my absolute fave pic of the week:

Later gators.


  1. great "cupdate"! love the pics- and the room is precious! (just like Lila) are her eyes brown now? they look like it in the last pics...

  2. She just looks cuter every week! It's just crazy how fast time goes and how quickly babies change.

    Love, love, love her room. So calming.

  3. I love her comfy chair! and her little dresses above her bed! tres chic

  4. I love her room! So cute. And I saw your white tree in some of those pics!!! :)

  5. Her room is adorable!!! Great job! I love that last picture (well all of them but that one was super precious).

  6. I think it's obvious who won the stand down on Lila vs. Rice. Love that photo!

    The nursery is precious. You did such a nice job. I'm sure she loves it.

  7. I LOVE these photos (I think your second-fave is my fave), but I'm SO ANNOYED that I can't see Lila's room photos or ANY of your videos here at work! Arrrrggghhhhh! I'll have to catch up further once I get home. :) Thanks for sharing your cupcake, as always.

  8. Too, too precious. And may I say how taken I am by your little white tree. I must have one :)

  9. Hi everyone, thanks for the compliments on The Cupcake's room. It's definitely our family's, "happy place." (Even Ferg loves to be in there. Her spot is under the crib.)

    Lisa - Lila's eyes are still a really dark grey/blue. We're waiting to see which way they go!

    Beth - get a white tree! You won't be sorry!

  10. I love the last picture of Lila. It's amazing how much she looks like you guys. I can't put my finger on who she looks like or how she resembles you, she just looks like your child. That sounds a little dumb, but really that's what I thought. Also, her room is BEAUTIFUL. The closets are great (as are the knobs). And I love the term 'cupdate'.

    sarah hahn

  11. Loved the videos! She really is silly and so expressive with everything she it. And great job on that room, it is just lovely.


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